Applied Endocrinology CEHAE

Instructor: Dr. Angèle Besner BScH, ND

Hormones are integral to virtually all metabolic processes including growth, digestion, coping with stress, sleep cycles, mood regulation and reproduction. This course is designed to deepen your understanding of the interactions of the various component of the endocrine system. We will review function of glands and their hormone products and how these relate to health and disease.  We will discuss the appropriateness of hormone supplementation – such as estrogen, progesterone, melatonin and others – as well as strategies to support hormone production through nutrition and lifestyle. Looking at several real-life case studies, we will discuss pathophysiology, relationship to the environment, proactive and reactive treatment approaches to the most common endocrine pathologies including diabetes, hypo/hyperthyroidism, PCOS, Endometriosis, Obesity, PMS, Menopause and BPH. We will also touch on hormone-related cancers, phyto/xenoestrogens as well as energy balance and appetite regulation.

Please be aware that this is an advanced academic course that will build on the core curriculum offered at IHN. You will be evaluated for comprehension by means of tests, assignment and presentation.

LOCATION: Vancouver Campus
SESSION #1: 3 Fridays March 24, 31, April 7, 2017  9:00am-4:30pm  (21 hours)
SESSION #2: 3 Fridays September 15, 22, 29, 2017  9:00am-4:30pm  (21 hours)
REQUIRED TEXT: Endocrine Harmony, by David W. Rowland
FEE: $395 + GST | COURSE NOTES: $30 + GST | REGISTRATION DEADLINES: March 17 & September 7, 2017