Marina Zelenovic BSc, CNP, ROHP.

Marina Zelenovic holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a Certified Childbirth Educator. She is the author of three eBooks: and is the President of Zen Beginnings. Her e-books include;, Eat Yourself Healthy Volume I: The Facts; Eat Yourself Healthy: Volume II: The Foods ~ Which set out to demystify healthy eating for the average time-pressed person and The Zen Weight Management Program, a practical, education and lifestyle approach to effective and permanent weight loss.

After overcoming her own health issues, Marina dedicated her career to helping her clients regain control of their health through personalized
consultations & individualized diet & lifestyle protocols. She combines Eastern & Western dietary theory with the practical realities of daily life by educating clients on quick, simple & healthy cooking techniques and recipes that empower them to make lasting changes to eating habits.

Marina has worked with members of the Toronto Argos of the Canadian Football League, as well as many National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and Olympic athletes ranging from figure skaters to decathletes, including a current reigning world champion in women’s wrestling. Her clientele also include numerous celebrities in the fashion world in New York City. Marina is also a frequent nutrition expert on various television programs as well as at health conferences & seminars.

Marina realized several years ago that her passion laid with the very beginnings of life – prenatal, postnatal and infant health. She is
passionate about starting life off on the right step for expecting moms and their kids, and with the growing dependence on pharmaceuticals in the very young, along with the sky rocketing rise in serious health conditions amongst the youngest members of society, she believes that information on healthy and natural living should be more accessible to those seeking it; hence came the birth of Zen Beginnings, a wellness center that is focused on women and children, beginning the most important stages of their lives.

Marina teaches Comparative Diets at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

  • CD011 Comparative Diets

    This course provides information about the holistic principles of food dynamics and their application for optimal health and well-being. Students learn and assess the many therapeutic benefits and limitations of several alternative diet approaches including: low-fat diets (Pritikin and Ornish), high protein diets (Dr. Atkins, Protein Power, Zone, Carbohydrate Addict), Glycemic Index and longevity diets (Macrobiotics, Okinawa). Various vegetarian plans are discussed with an emphasis on understanding protein complementation and Natural Hygeine diets (Hippocrates, Fruitarian, Juicing). The course will also address general cleansing diets for caffeine, alcohol and nicotine detoxing. With the knowledge gained in this course students will be able to evaluate and design customized health-promoting diets and lifestyle programs for any individual.