Taylor Jeffery RH

Taylor is a graduate of Pacific Rim College’s Diploma of Phytotherapy in Victoria, British Columbia. This program is currently the most comprehensive Western herbal course offered across North America. This allows him to offer the highest of quality in plant-based healing with a strong foundation of clinical practice and experience. This practice has strengthened a relationship older than himself and through this learning has nurtured a deep respect for the plants. He works to encourage students to explore their living relationship with plants; from the textbooks to the subtle energetics of life within the plant. Currently Taylor is practicing in his herbal apothecary, seeing patients and formulating medicines. He is a Registered Herbalist and a professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association. Taylor believes that herbal medicine is the way of the future, as it was the way of our past.

  • HM008 Herbal Medicine

    Learn the healing and rejuvenating effects of medicinal herbs. Special emphasis is placed on herbal terminology, levels of application (including tonics, heroics and specifics), chronic condition application, remedies for stress, detoxification and antiviral, antibiotic and immune stimulating herbs.