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Date and Time


Day 1 Fri Mar 23/2018:
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Day 2 Sat Mar 24/2018:
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Breaks + 30 minute lunch)


$150 + HST

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Registration Deadline

MAR 9, 2018

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Presenter: David Price Francis MA

Becoming a better nutritionist  and natural health coach by understanding the energies of psychology and learning practical techniques and strategies that enable you to give your clients the energy charge they need to create effective and lasting changes in their lives, while ensuring you still have the energies you need for you.

This IHN exclusive workshop is designed for nutritional practitioners and wellness therapists only.

Highlights of Day 1 Program include:

Hour 1: Understanding the 7 levels of the planet’s energy worlds spectrum and how they correspond with the 7 levels of the human aura. This session includes understanding the different natures of energetics that are located at different levels of the planet’s energetic spectrum and how these affect the human energy systems, including our personal energy field.

Hour 2: How you can feel and see the human aura for yourself. Includes practical exercises to sensitize your hands to register the auric field and special exercises to enable you to see the human energy field for yourself. Seeing and feeling is believing. How to distinguish between higher and lower energetics in people and places. How energies transfer between people in relationships, including the therapeutic relationship. What this causes in both parties and why it is so important to understand what is going on energetically to be effective both in your personal life and as a coach to other people.

Hour 3: The human energy systems and how in combination they create the unique psychology of the individual according to how they are used and the energies people integrate with. These energy systems include: 1.The 7 levels of the human energy field and their relationship with the Vedic Chakra system. 2. The 5 physical and energetic senses and how they relate to the 5 elements of Chinese medicine. 3.The 3 powers of the mind (conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious) and how they relate to the study of psychology. 4. The part that can be played by our unique spiritual power, when this is active.

Day 1 will close with how these four systems integrate to produce our unique psychology and how understanding these systems and how to work with them makes effective change and transformation possible. 

Highlights of Day 2 Program include:

Section 1: A brief review of concepts discussed the evening before and into understanding the 9 prime causes of psychological pain that block your clients’ path to success, and practical techniques and strategies to help both yourself and your clients overcome these blockages.

Section 2: The Coaching Mindset – how an effective coach provides their clients with the energy they need to effect positive change and help them overcome the 9 prime psychological blockages. How you can develop a Coaching Mindset and deliberately cultivate the energies and energetic connections you need to ensure success, both for you and your clients.

Section 3: How to be a more effective coach to your clients by understanding the exchange of energetics between coach and client. How to ensure you can give your clients the information and the energies they need to successfully reach their goals and transform their lives. This session includes a focus on practical techniques and strategies you can employ in the field to get better results with your clients and thereby build your practice through successful relationships and referrals.

Section 4: How to boost your electro-immune system to combat fatigue and burn-out. Includes further practical techniques and insights into how and why it is so important to practice energetic hygiene and clean and clear your therapeutic space and your personal energy field. How to maintain your personal energetic vibration at a high level, including practical techniques to help you recharge your energy systems, both when you are awake and when you are asleep. This session includes practical techniques to clear your aura from the effects of energy exchange with your clients and to keep your own energy field well charged. 

Day 2 will close with understanding why the energies that underpin the formation of our unique psychology is so useful to the coach in the coach/client relationship including practical examples, techniques, and strategies.

Energetic Bonus! 

Every attendee will receive Module 1 of David’s 10 Part online course The Human Aura valued at $47 US

About the Presenter

David Price Francis is a transformational coach in the dynamics of personal development and inter-personal relationships. He a gifted and charismatic teacher on the purpose and meaning of spiritual growth and has extensive experience in guiding groups and individuals in practical exercises and understandings to facilitate this process. His extensive knowledge includes a deep understanding of the unseen worlds of planetary and universal energies, as he demonstrates how these powers and forces have the ability to balance, heal and transform our energetic fields, lives and possibilities. David received his M.A. in English Literature at Oxford University and also began his lifelong pursuit of sacred geometry, esoteric knowledge and profound understandings from ancient civilizations, alongside his continuing study of current understandings in the dynamics of human spirituality, healing and development. 

In 2007, he founded Energy Worlds in response to an international demand for personal and relationship counseling, life coaching, seminars, workshops and retreats. He also conducts tours to introduce people to the energies of ancient sites, with trips currently planned to include the Mayan temples and pyramids of Mexico and the statues on Easter Island. David offers continuing education through his Energy World Practitioners Certification program. David is the author of Partners in Passion (Kora Press, 2nd ed. 2009) and The Tales of Dr. Woo (Kora Press, 2009) and has appeared extensively in interviews on TV and radio.