Doug Householder is the founder of Doug Householder, where he runs both an online and in-person clinical nutrition practice in Toronto, Ontario. With a strong focus on gut health, Doug uses many levers in his practice, from in-home Functional Medicine testing, to supplement recommendations, specific dietary advice, lifestyle changes, and psycho-spiritual development.

Dina Shokri is the founder of Sh Dina Health & Wellness, where she offers both online and in-person nutrition consultations in Oakville, Ontario. She specializes in eating disorders and weight loss. Dina creates healthy recipes and writes nutrition and health articles for a variety of online and print publications. She is passionate about sharing holistic nutrition knowledge with the community.

Danielle Barstow is the founder of Heart & Soul Nutrition, where she runs an online nutrition consulting practice. In addition to consulting, she offers a variety of services, including custom-designed organic juice cleanses, holistic chef services, healthy recipes, and yoga classes. Danielle wants to instill in her clients that proper nutrition and holistic lifestyle factors are essential for optimal health.

Sade Thomasos is the founder of Sade Thomasos, where she practices as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She offers online nutrition consulting services based on her clients’ unique health conditions and holistic chef services for individuals, events, and retreats. Sade is passionate about healthy cooking and eating and shares this enthusiasm with her clients and those a part of her wellness community.

Tricia Pearson is the founder of Step Up To The Plate Nutrition, where she offers personalized nutrition consultations, corporate wellness programs, group classes, and health practitioner mentorship programs. Her philosophy of “change your plate, change your fate” is about looking at evidence-based nutrition and how we can use it as a tool to prevent disease, rather than just managing disease symptoms.

Jessica Jantos is the founder of Nourished By Jess, where she practices as an intuitive coach, energy healer, and Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Her mission is to empower women to raise their consciousness and live in divine alignment through emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Jess believes that a healthy body, mind, and spirit starts within with radical self-love.

Dora Weisspapir is the founder of GRL Beauty, a line of non-toxic, natural skin and body care essentials using potent superfoods, vitamins, and botanicals that are ideal for all skin types. Dora knows that beauty goes beyond the surface and that what they include in their products is just as important as what they leave out. GRL Beauty is formulated to nourish, hydrate, and restore your glow, naturally.

Michael Minichiello is the founder of Maestro Tea, where he creates a collection of delicious herbal loose-leaf tea. He is passionate about empowering his clients to live nourished, healthy lifestyles. Each tea blend is nutrient-dense with health-promoting properties. Maestro Tea has strategically put together wellness blends for everyone’s daily needs.

Laura Bourne is the founder of Laura Bourne, she offers group nutrition coaching, personalized nutrition consultation, workplace wellness, and education in essential oils. She teaches tired and burned out leaders, particularly moms, how to make time and space for wellness. She enjoys helping busy, stressed-out women reclaim their power by investing in their own health and vitality.

Rani Glick is the founder of Rani Glick Wellness. She helps corporate employees, their teams, and individuals build awareness and education about nutrition and learn about how food affects their energy, mindset, and overall health. Employees can experience the immersion of wellness in a range of activities from team sports events, event challenges, cooking classes, or mindfulness meditation techniques.

Preeti Berar is the founder of Preeti Unique. She has over twenty years of experience in beauty, holistic nutrition, reflexology, and Reiki. Preeti also has a background in Pranayama Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, and Sound Healing. She combines all these practices into the services she offers to her clients. She also sells holistic body care products from her online shop including soaps, body butter, and muscle rubs.

Talor Martens is the founder of Kindred Aura, offering a variety of services rooted in holistic nutrition, culinary nutrition, reiki, and yoga. She offers private and group nutrition consulting, workshops on health topics, cooking classes online and in-person. Talor even offers Reiki for pets. She is passionate about healing her clients on all levels – physically, spiritually, and emotionally.