Hannah Charron is the founder of Hannah’s Healthies, where she provides private nutrition consulting services for individuals looking to improve their health. She offers nourishing holistic meal planning to remove the stress of eating well for her clients and their families. Hannah transforms kitchen pantries into healthy havens and brings her clients on grocery store tours, providing guidance, and a wealth of nutrition information to make shopping enjoyable. 

Ashley Nichols is a mixed martial artist and World Muay Thai Champion. When she is not fighting in the ring, she is coaching and providing nutrition counseling for her students. Ashley is passionate about nutrition education and believes it is one of the central pillars needed to maintain good health. She hopes to inspire Indigenous youth to overcome adversities and improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Marisa DiBattista provides nutritional consulting services at Breathe Yoga + Wellness Centrein Toronto, ON. She offers supplement protocols and meal planning, specializing in digestive health, weight loss, mental health, blood sugar balancing, adrenal imbalance, detoxification, and childhood nutrition. Marisa also works as a nutritionist with Koru Nutrition and teaches yoga in her spare time. 

Carys Degenhardt is the founder of The Cozy Cozy, where she works with clients to support them on their health journey. She creates customized meal plans, does kitchen pantry overhauls, and provides individual nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle coaching. Her approach merges workable steps with inner shifting by educating and empowering individuals in order to make lasting change.

Edmond Cheng is the founder of Muse Life Guide, a wellness company that is comprised of the trifecta of holistic wellness – life coaching, nutrition, and yoga. Through Edmond’s journey of self-discovery, he experienced what it felt like to be mentally, physically, and spiritually aligned, which led him to want to bring that empowering experience to others through his work. 

Angela Pereira is the founder and director of First Line Education, a continuing education platform for movement therapists. Her main focus is on encouraging the career development of movement therapists–kinesiologists, personal trainers, strength coaches, and physiotherapists who are building their practice. Angela enjoys finding new instructors and courses to build the First Line team.

Taylor Gendron is the founder of Tay Gendron Wellness, specializing in holistic mental health. She works to prevent and reverse mental health concerns through a combination of nutritional protocols, nutraceuticals, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle coaching that help women tackle their anxiety without medication. Taylor is a yoga and meditation volunteer on the Mood and Crisis Unit at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

Alka Dhir is the co-founder of Community Restaurant in Oakville, ON. Community is an upscale vegan restaurant specializing in healthy holistic dishes that serves brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts, and drinks. Alka and her business partner Vanusa, believe in giving back to the community. They host nutrition and health workshops with all proceeds donated to local food banks. 

Carley McConkey is the founder of Carley Nadine Nutrition + Wellness, where she practices as a nutritionist, herbalist, wellness consultant, and content creator. She is passionate about sustainability, diversity, and women’s health. Nadine shares healthy recipes beautiful food photography on her blog and social media platforms. She educates and empowers women to take control of their health so they can live a happy, balanced, and abundant life. 

Trish Krause is the founder of Bite out of Life Wellness, where she offers online nutrition consulting, workplace wellness, workshops, and articles. She implements a combination of evidence-informed nutrition strategies, mindset methodology, stress reduction, and sleep practices to help her clients feel their best. Trish also practices nutrition at Kingston Integrated Healthcare in Kingston, ON.

Jason Yee practices nutrition with the Beyond Food Program, specializing in hair tissue mineral analysis, food intolerance testing, hormone testing, and more. He launched his career as a professional chef and transitioned to holistic nutrition after he resolved his personal health imbalances using nutrition. He is passionate about educating clients on culinary nutrition and how to create healthy meals for themselves.

Shiva Nassiri is the founder of Shiva Nassiri, an illustration and design firm that caters to holistic brands. She uses her unique ability to infuse nature, human connection, and design, to raise the bar for the brands she works with. Shiva empowers her clients to elevate their professional profile by supporting them with branding, graphic design, web design, infographic illustrations, and hand lettering.  

Alina Islam runs two successful businesses. She is the founder of Alina Islam Wellness, where she practices as a nutrition consultant and educator. She supports her clients through virtual clinic appointments, workshops, and writing. Alina also founded Digitalina, a digital marketing agency, where she helps local business owners achieve growth. 

Anita Nosworthy is the founder of L-I-V-E: Live In Vitality Every Day, a unique lifestyle coaching and training company, helping people achieve their health goals through nutrition and physical exercise. Anita focuses on functionality, health, and wellbeing first, knowing that the aesthetics will come once the mind and body are healthy and operating in good health.

Melissa Ramos is the founder of Sexy Food Therapy, where she blends her holistic nutrition education with Traditional Chinese Medicine. She specializes in women’s health with a focus on hormones and digestion through the Sexy Lady Balls program and private consultations. Melissa is a health expert on CTV’s The Social, a columnist for the Huffington Post, and a TEDx Speaker.