Energy Medicine CEEMT

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in Energy Medicine.

Instructor: Deborra Cameron

Energy Medicine explores practical applications for energy medicine, which can be utilized both for yourself and with clients in practice. The applications that will be taught include energy testing, distance healing, and the releasing of energy disturbances/blocks creating allergies, meridian testing and correcting imbalances. Within this course the practitioner will learn how to better ground themselves and connect to their own highest intelligence, maintaining healthy energy boundaries in the presence of others. You will learn how to teach others to do the same and how to use this clear connection pathway to move negative energy out of their bodies and their fields, ultimately allowing the client the ability to facilitate their personal healing journey. This is a unique opportunity to learn and practice the immense power of the limitless power within you. You are the healer of your own body. Learn how to connect with your healer within and claim back your power, which is your birthright. By learning about your own energy, you will be able to apply it to healing others with ease.


LOCATION: In class/online TBD
SESSIONS: New Dates Coming Soon
TIME: TBD (Eastern)
REQUIRED TEXT: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
FEE: $420 + HST (due upon registration)