Holistic Food Preparation—Around The World CEHFP | Fall

Instructor: Eva Cabaca M.Ed., CNP

In this post grad three session course, we will embark on an exploration of the possibilities to present world famous cuisines in a holistic way. All dishes will be fully vegan and completely free of processed ingredients. We will immerse in creative processes, concepts and ideas, and craft truly unique delicacies that will adhere to both holistic principles and world traditions. We will pay attention to detail, enjoy the experience, taking time to create masterpieces that will satisfy both the creative impulse and all the senses. Each class will explore a few advanced food preparation techniques or concepts to enhance your food preparation skills. An open mind, willingness to embrace new concepts and ability to work independently in your own space are key. Certain equipment, to borrow or buy (if you think you might want to own the piece) will be necessary, as specified. 

Every participant is strongly encouraged to invite their family members! Kids can watch and even participate in the background, to make this experience a fun family event. After you create the delicious dishes, you will be able to enjoy a unique lunch of the delights together. Recipes will serve four people. The cost of ingredients for each session, that may become your family Sunday lunch or dinner, will roughly run registrants $35-$40. 


LOCATION: Zoom Classroom

SESSIONS: 3 Sundays
DATES: TBD for 2022
TIME: 10:00am – 1:00pm Eastern 7:00am – 10:00 am Pacific
PRE-REQUISITE: HFP04 or equivalent
FEE: $175 + HST
REQUIREMENTS:  A home kitchen with basic equipment and utensils, willingness to buy your own ingredients, according to the list provided by the instructor prior to your start date, willingness to work in your own space, together with your loved ones if possible or desirable.
Maximum of 8 Students
SESSION 1: Holistic Taste of Italy
TBD for 2022
RECIPES: Gluten-free lasagna, millet polenta, crostata 
ADVANCED CONCEPTS: The use of home-made gluten-free flour mix, grain-free live pasta and sauce, grain-free pie crust, dairy-free sunflower seed ”cream”
NECESSARY EQUIPMENT: VitaMix or a similar powerful blender or a grain mill, rolling pin, pie plate, casserole dish (8×8 inch or similar)

SESSION 2: Local Harvest Feast
DATE: TBD for 2022 
RECIPES: Hearty harvest soup, gluten-free bannock cultured with Amazake, gluten-free + sugar-free squash pie
ADVANCED CONCEPTS: The use of local ingredients whenever possible, making healthy hearty soups without compromising the nutritional value of the ingredients, grain-free breads cultured with the Amazake starter, using dry fruit in desserts as sugar substitute
NECESSARY EQUIPMENT: VitaMix or a similar powerful blender, pie plate

SESSION 3: French Immersion
TBD for 2022
RECIPES: Savoury crepes filled with spinach and sunflower seed “cheese”, vegan quiche with chickpeas and veggies, simple raspberry macaroons
ADVANCED CONCEPTS: Crepes made completely from scratch (no flour used), equivalent protein source to whole egg and diary, dairy-free alternative seed “cheese”, gentle baking with simple whole ingredients
NECESSARY EQUIPMENT: VitaMix or a similar powerful blender, casserole dish (8 x 8 inch or similar), titanium or similar non-toxic non-stick frying pan – this is an absolute MUST


— After you register contact Eva Cabaca by email or phone to discuss any food allergies, intolerance’s or sensitivities: eva@livenutritionschool.com or 905-884-9112
— Begin each session with a clean and organized kitchen and have all of the ingredients, kitchen utensils, space and serving table ready.
— Prepare to be able to take notes while we are in the making!
— If you require a Certificate of Completion, prepare to send photographs of the foods created in each class, with a learning outcomes summary of 250min, 300 max words, before 10:00 am the next day, to Eva Cabaca.


A week before the course starts registered students will receive an email with LINKS to:

— A copy of the complete Course Outline
— Zoom Login and Password
— Digital Course Notes/Power Point Presentation Session 1 of 3
— Sessions 2 to 3 will be sent to registered students after the first class


You may request to be considered for receiving replays of the course without or with earning the Certificate of Completion, depending on whether you will be sending the images of your food preparations on the designated days. We can accommodate schedules on a case by case basis. For more information on not being able to attend LIVE, and wanting to access the replays, please contact Julia Rickert @ julia@instituteofholisticnutrition.com

Please review Online & In-Class Continuing Education Course/School Policies