Holistic Food Preparation – Beyond the Basics

Receive a Certificate of Completion in Holistic Food Preparation: Beyond the Basics.
The course will run off campus at the Live Nutrition Cooking School in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Instructor: Eva Cabaca, MEd, CNP, ROHP, CH.

Holistic Food Preparation – Beyond the Basics will push the boundaries beyond basic cooking skills and expand on the understanding of holistic food preparation in its true sense. We will explore the many options of utilization of plant-based proteins, gluten-free grain alternatives, live foods, superfoods, fermented foods and unique wild foods and mushrooms to embrace variety and diversity of the possibilities of plant-based nutrition. Each session, the participants will be immersed in hands-on experience in preparation of numerous dishes with the opportunity to utilize the best quality organic and biodynamic ingredients as well as state-of-art equipment for optimal results. An open mind, willingness to embrace new concepts along with the ability to work as part of a team—is a must.

Snack-size samples will be served at the beginning of the class and
a beautiful, multiple-course meal will be prepared and enjoyed for lunch.

Focus of Session 1: Hypoallergenic and Easily Digestible Plant-Based Proteins

Recipes covered include… ​

• The proper technique for pressure cooking beans
• Technique for making tempeh; marinated tempeh recipe
• Spouted soy yogurt with spirulina
• Sprouted chickpea hummus and falafel
• Baru seed and macadamia nut cream
• Almond, cashew and chia cream cheese
• Sunflower and walnut paté
• Sprouted lentil patties
• Tabouleh with sprouted mung beans
• Spirulina protein bars

Focus of Session 2: Truly Holistic Gluten-Free Options

Recipes covered include…

• Amazake – the probiotic rice ferment
• Generic gluten-free all-purpose flour mix made with whole seed and alternative grains
• Gluten-free crust for pies and tarts
• Seed crackers
• Gluten-free sourdough bread
• Gluten-free sourdough steamed buns
• Gluten-free chapatis
• Gluten-free injeras
• Kale slaw salad as a component of a balanced lunch
• Sprouted lentil soup as a component of a balanced lunch

Focus of Session 3: Live Foods, Superfoods, Sprouts, Ferments, Mushrooms, Seaweeds and Wild Foods

Recipes covered include…

• Home grown broccoli and sunflower sprouts
• Quinoa and buckwheat sprouts
• “Manna” sprout bread
• Cashew coconut yogurt
• Medicinal sauerkraut
• Patties with shitake mushroom “flour”
• Wild leek pesto
• Herb salt
• Herb infused vinegar
• Wakame and kelp seaweed salad

Once Registered, How to Prepare:

• Contact the instructor by email or phone to discuss any food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities: eva@livenutritionschool.com or 905-884-9112
• Eat a very light breakfast on the days of your class. The class will begin with bite-size samples and a big lunch will be served that you have prepared together
• Arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle in so the class can begin at 10:00 am sharp!
• Please give yourself more than adequate time to arrive so as to not be late!
• Bring indoor shoes and wear casual clothes. Aprons will be provided
• Bring some take away containers as there will be left overs

Live Nutrition Cooking School
5 Kitsilano Cres., Richmond Hill, ON

LOCATION: 5 Kitsilano Cres., Richmond Hill, ON
New Dates Coming October 9, 2020
TIME: TBD (Eastern)
FEE: $310 + HST
PRE-REQUISITE: IHN’s HFP04 or equivalent
REQUIRED TEXT: Earthly & Divine by Eva Cabaca;
Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Elson M. Haas;
Healing the Planet: One Patient at a Time by Josef Krop