Nutrition According to Traditional Chinese Medicine CENCM

Instructor: Olivier Barre PHD Biochemistry, TCM

This five session course provides students with a basic understanding of TCM principles and fundamental concepts. Students will learn to utilize the energetic properties of foods, by applying obtained insights into tastes, colours, herbs, and spices. By employing strategies involving concepts such as temperature properties, yin and yang constitutions, cooking methods (effects on food properties), pathologies and treatments, students will understand and be capable to personalized meal plan to restore/implement healthy energy within their client’s body. These additional skills and tools will enhance the ability of a Holistic Nutritionist to design personalized protocols to help their clients reach their desired health and nutritional goals. This course also provides students an opportunity to work together with TCM practitioners to provide integrative care.

LOCATION: Zoom Classroom
SESSIONS: 5 Mondays
DATES: Oct 17, 24, 31, Nov 7 + 14 
TIME: 6:00 – 9:00 pm Eastern / 3:00 – 6:00 pm Pacific 
FEE: $375 + GST
RECOMMENDED TEXT: Healing with whole foods by Paul Pitchford

SESSION 1: Fundamentals 1
DATE: Monday October 17, 2022

CONCEPTS: The origins and history of Traditional Chinese Medicine; The workings of Yin/Yang theory and its relationship to body systems; Introduction of the 5 Elements Theory as operating throughout the body

SESSION 2: Fundamentals 2
DATE: Monday October 24, 2022
CONCEPTS: The 5 Zang Organs and their roles, functions and implications in the body; How the Vital Substances (Qi, Blood) are produced

SESSION 3: Pathophysiology & Food Properties
DATE: Monday October 31, 2022
CONCEPTS: Etiology and Pathogenesis; Learn how the 5 Colours influence organs and body systems; Incorporating the 5 Flavours into meal preparation for optimal health

SESSION 4: Food Properties 1
DATE: Monday November 7, 2022
CONCEPTS: The intrinsic thermal property of food to impact Yin/Yang and how cooking methods are linked to hot and cold distinctions

SESSION 5: Food Properties 2
DATE: Monday November 14, 2022

CONCEPTS: Seasonal consumption of food to optimize health; Case Studies Examples, Q & A


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