Sacred Geometry CESG

Instructor: David Price Francis, MA

This course will focus on understanding how universal and planetary energies manifest through the symbols of sacred geometry. We will explore how energies manifest inside our human design, are expressed in the natural worlds, and in culture and world civilizations. We will discover the relationship between, for example, the number five and the five forces that power our soul and senses (as explored in the Chinese and alchemical five elements’ systems). We will also explore how the seven-fold spectrum of planetary energies is expressed through our seven-fold chakra system and the seven levels of the planet’s energy worlds. Through practical application of these understandings (and many more) you will be able to clean, charge, and empower both your personal life and professional practice with enhanced energetics.

LOCATION: Zoom Classroom
SESSIONS: 3 Mondays
DATES: Nov 7, 14, 21
TIME: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern / 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific

REQUIRED TEXT: Sacred Geometry Workbook
FEE: $260 + HST

DATE: Monday November 7
ADVANCED CONCEPTS: Calling Universal Energies to Earth – How sacred geometry represents and connects to specific universal powers and forces that powerfully influence, sustain, and enhance all life on Earth, including ours. Sacred by Design – How universal energies appear through the sacred geometry of our human design via the sevenfold spectrum of our human energy field, the five potencies that charge our soul, and the threefold power structure within our mind. Seeing is Believing – Practical exercises to see, feel, and charge the human energy field.

DATE: Monday November 14
ADVANCED CONCEPTS: Pyramids, Temples, Stone Circles, and Sacred Spaces – Why and how sacred geometry is integral to the creation of sacred spaces, together with understandings from examples around the world. Sacred Geometry, Numbers, Symbols, and The Alphabet – How each of the nine prime numbers corresponds with the sacred geometry of the universe and the primary frequencies of Creation. How words can be matched with symbols from sacred geometry to reveal deeper meanings when you know how to do it. Sacred Geometry and The Enneagram – How the enneagram represents nine universal energy processes that are fundamental to achieving successful and lasting results.

DATE: Monday November 21
ADVANCED CONCEPT: Creating Symbols of Power – Why certain shapes contain power and others do not; the difference between original and derivative symbols; symbols we can use that are guaranteed to connect to higher universal energies; how sacred geometry and symbols can be used to call heaven’s energies to Earth; how this has been achieved in the past and if it is being attempted now. Creating Your Sacred Space – Sacred geometry can be used to help you energetically charge the spaces in which you live and work. Learn how to use simple tools to energetically clean and charge your atmosphere together with sacred geometry symbols that will help you clean, protect, and charge your living and working spaces. Applying Your New Understandings in Your Personal and Professional Lives – Further understandings and practical applications of how the symbols and energies of sacred geometry can be used to enhance your life and practice. Session 3 will review certain key understandings of the 3-part series, together with an opportunity for a Q & A period with David on the contents of the 3 sessions.


Monday October 3, 2022 7:00 pm Eastern
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