Understanding Lab Diagnostics in Clinical Practice CEULD

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion in Understanding Lab Diagnostics in Clinical Practice.
Understanding Lab Diagnostics in Clinical Practice runs once a year at the Ottawa Campus

Instructor: Dr. Andrea Proulx ND, RAc

As a holistic nutrition graduate, you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop powerful nutritional and supplemental protocols for your clients based on dietary and lifestyle assessments. However, in order to make a truly holistic and individualized assessment, it is critical to be able to understand and interpret laboratory tests. These tests provide important, and often crucial information that allows health care practitioners to scrape below the surface and uncover information that can help you make the best informed therapeutic decisions for your clients leading to the best possible outcomes. As natural health care practitioners, you also need to learn how to work collaboratively with other medical practitioners. When you complete this course, you will be able to understand and interpret a wide variety of laboratory tests that will allow you to “talk the talk” with other practitioners to ensure your client receives the best possible care. This course covers the basics of salivary, urine and blood testing, including tests specific for liver, gastrointestinal and renal functioning. Testing for fertility and pregnancy, anemias, adrenal function, lipid disorders, diabetes mellitus and cancer diagnosis will also be included.

Location: Ottawa Campus
1547 Merivale Rd., Suite 430
Sessions: Weekend Intensive May 22-24, 2020
Times: Friday: 4–9, Saturday: 9–5, Sunday 9–5
FEE: $420 + HST
REQUIRED TEXT: Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic Tests
(Canadian Edition)

Registration Deadline: May 19, 2020