Jasmine Northfield BA, CNP

Jasmine received her designation of Certified Nutritional Practitioner from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN), North York Campus in October 2015. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology and Minor in Sexual Diversity Studies from McGill University. After working in the field and determining where her passions lay she returned to IHN to begin her employment in 2016.

Jasmine has been running the Student Clinic for three years and has seen first-hand the healing powers of holistic nutrition. In her role as Coordinator it is Jasmine‚Äôs responsibility to maintain the integrity of the clinic process and ensure that the intended results come to fruition. From facilitating client intakes that allow her to source the best student practitioner for the client to communications with the Student Clinic Advisors over the 8-week process and finally through to client feedback and completion, she is the guiding force of IHN’s Student Clinic. Jasmine also has various roles with IHN outside of spearheading the Student Clinic that includes Program Advising, Coordinating for the Holistic Food Preparation course while also co-producing Co-op placements and Guest Speaker Bookings for the North York and Mississauga Campus.