Dan Zaharie BA CNP ROHP

Dan is a Certified and Register Nutritional Practitioner and honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Dan practices clinical nutrition in an award winning clinic in Oakville, ON, using therapeutic diets, supplementation and live blood analysis to help clients with a variety of chronic conditions. The clinic specializes in prevention and post Cancer care.Growing up in Eastern Europe surrounded by people very passionate about food, Dan has travelled extensively and lived over three continents, experiencing first-hand the dietary differences of many cultures. He learned therefore naturally most of the intricacies that he speaks and educates his clients nowadays.Dan is also the developer of a cold-pressed artisan oils line Healthe Oils. Knowing, from young age, the importance of entirely natural, fresh, unrefined and superior quality produced oils, Dan continues the family tradition of cold pressing the healthy lipids; they being an integral part of his clients’ health protocol.Dan brings his inborn knowledge of foods and food matter to teaching Comparative Diets at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

  • CD 011 Comparative Diets

    This course provides information about the holistic principles of food dynamics and their application for optimal health and well-being. Students learn and assess the many therapeutic benefits and limitations of several alternative diet approaches including: low-fat diets (Pritikin and Ornish), high protein diets (Dr. Atkins, Protein Power, Zone, Carbohydrate Addict), Glycemic Index and longevity diets (Macrobiotics, Okinawa). Various vegetarian plans are discussed with an emphasis on understanding protein complementation and Natural Hygeine diets (Hippocrates, Fruitarian, Juicing). The course will also address general cleansing diets for caffeine, alcohol and nicotine detoxing. With the knowledge gained in this course students will be able to evaluate and design customized health-promoting diets and lifestyle programs for any individual.