Dr. Felicia Deo BSc., ND

Dr. Felicia Deo graduated from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor of science, specializing in cell and molecular biology, a minor in Kinesiology and a certification in health and fitness. With a passion for understanding the human body and a desire to empower and educate others, she started a second degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. During clinical rounds she was picked for the Sports medicine shift, where the focus was more specific towards athletes and their fitness goals. Now practicing locally in the Vancouver area, Felicia has a special interest in sports medicine as well as women’s health. Connecting the mind, body and spirit, and allowing individual’s the space to explore this relationship is an important part of her practice.

Felicia believes strongly in empowering patients to take control of their health by educating and supporting them with therapies that align with their health goals and she shares her knowledge and passions with students who seek to empower others. Felicia teaches Fitness and Sports Nutrition at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Vancouver Campus.

  • FSN 013 Fitness and Sports Nutrition

    The main focus of this course is the role of nutrition in fitness and sports. Methods are focused on where nutrition can help maximize muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility; through building muscle and reducing fat. Techniques for guiding athletes in proper nutrition in training, and effective methods to prevent dehydration and sports related injuries due to insufficient nutrient levels. Real case studies are examined, exploring leading methods & techniques in optimizing sports performance with proper nutrition.