Dr. Rahul Kushwah BSc. (Honours) Ph.D.

Dr. Rahul Kushwah is an accomplished scientist and co-founder/Chief Scientific Officer of Anantlife (a leader in clinical genetic testing) with a vast experience in different areas of human diseases, particularly stem cells, genetics, immunology and regenerative personalized medicine. Previously, he has held medical faculty and scientific appointments at University of Ottawa, National Research Council of Canada’s Human Health Therapeutics Branch and Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Having received numerous prestigious awards by the Canadian Government and several foundations, he is a regular speaker in international circuits, a reviewer/editor for several medical journals and author of numerous peer-reviewed articles. Rahul currently teaches Understanding Genetics for Improving Health Outcomes in The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s continuing education department.

  • Understanding Genetics For Improving Health Outcomes CEUGH

    This course is intended to provide the tools that holistic nutritionists can use to deliver personalized healthcare to their clients, catered to their genetic makeup. Genetics plays a very robust role in nutrition, detoxification, weight loss and overall health and wellness. Genetics can be used not only to improve the health of the clients but also to develop DNA based nutritional plans that can potentially prevent the development of chronic diseases.