Erin Levine, BA, RYT, CNP

Erin earned her undergraduate degree at McGill University and received her diploma at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition -Vancouver Campus. She is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, community educator, and natural foods enthusiast. Erin divides her practice between corporate wellness, private consultations, and community health initiatives. She runs corporate speaking engagements and group counselling, one-on-one consults at her office in Gastown, and offers workshops and holistic catering.

Her integrative approach is rooted in bio-individuality and nourishing a balanced lifestyle. She provides her clients with practical insights and individualized habit-forming exercises and loves guiding people to optimal health. Erin teaches Nutrition and the Environment (NE009), Professional Practice (PP001), and Professional Skills Development (PSD01) at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Vancouver campus.

  • NE 009 Nutrition and the Environment

    Based on an underlying philosophy that environments maintain and promote health and that individuals have a right to self-determination and self-knowledge, this course will present nutrition principles which promote health and prevent disease. Topics will consider the safety of our food supply, naturally occurring and environmental toxins in foods, microbes and food poisoning.

  • PP 001 Professional Practice

    This course is designed to provide the tools and skills necessary to succeed in professional practice. Practicing in health service, community, business and educational settings will be thoroughly covered. Topics include legal framework, marketing techniques, defining goals, consulting skills, time management, client relationships, building rapport, professionalism and a recap on effective communication skills.

  • PSD 01 Professional Skills Development

    This course will exemplify the effective use of communication vehicles in professional practice. Combining motivation and communication theory with an audience-centered approach, students will learn to master skills in oral and written professional communication activities.