Esther Epp, BhSc, RK, CNP

Since 2005, Esther Epp has specialized in wellness through lifestyle, diet and exercise as an integral part of addressing the needs of her clients. As a honours graduate of Health Science & Kinesiology from York University, Esther is educated in the science of the body in movement.  Esther’s interest in holistic living led her to earn her designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.
Through her private practice, public speaking, work with The Naked Label, Superfood Babies, television appearances, and writing engagements,  her passion for clean living is evident. By marrying the modalities of nutrition, yoga and exercise, Esther empowers clients to regain balance, restore health and find a new and powerful way of living. Esther is the founder of Dwell in Well, and passionate about inspiring people. Esther teaches Professional Skills Development at The institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Mississauga campus.

  • PSD 01 Professional Skills Development

    This course will exemplify the effective use of communication vehicles in professional practice. Combining motivation and communication theory with an audience-centered approach, students will learn to master skills in oral and written professional communication activities.