Jill Hillhouse BPHE, CNP, RNT

Jill is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and a First Class honours graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She has earned her Bachelor of Physical and Health Education at Queen’s University and is certified by the Hans Selye Foundation and The Canadian Institute of Stress as a Stress and Wellness Consultant.

Jill is a passionate advocate of nutrition education, evidenced based natural remedies and whole foods eating. Her approach to clinical nutrition is focused on addressing her clients’ metabolic individuality as a key factor at the heart of her integrative lifestyle coaching. Along with maintaining a private practice of twelve years, Jill is the nutritionist at one of Toronto’s influential wellness boutiques: Dr. Natasha Turner’s, Clear Medicine. Jill is the author of Easy Gourmet Baby Food and writes articles for clients such as Alive magazine, Today’s Parent, Naturally Savvy, Blikki, Ski Canada, IHR, Walmart and Zwell.

At the Institute of Holistic Nutrition she has taught Professional Skills Development, Professional Practice and Symptomatology I. Jill is excited to bring her extensive experience to IHN’s Continuing Education Courses with what she believes to be one of the most prevalent, pressing and root cause issues she sees with her clients: Blood Sugar and Insulin Control in Clinical Practice.

  • NS 003 Nutritional Symptomatology Part I

    Understand the clinical assessment of nutritional status by interpreting physiological symptoms and their relationships to nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Learn the inter-relationships that exist between nutrients and how these play a critical role in determining optimal nutritional requirements. Students will develop foundational as well as specific protocols for balanced nutritional health. Students will understand how physiological symptoms reflect and determine one’s nutritional status. Students will learn the essential principles of biochemical individuality and how this plays a critical role in determining optimal nutritional requirements, specific nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.

  • PP 001 Professional Practice

    This course is designed to provide the tools and skills necessary to succeed in professional practice. Practicing in health service, community, business and educational settings will be thoroughly covered. Topics include legal framework, marketing techniques, defining goals, consulting skills, time management, client relationships, building rapport, professionalism and a recap on effective communication skills.

  • Blood Sugar Management In Clinical Practice CEBSM

    This course will help both new and established practitioners understand the foundational importance of blood sugar management in their clients. This course will examine the entire spectrum of blood sugar imbalance from hypoglycaemia to insulin resistance and diabetes and how it impacts every organ system as well as its role in all the main chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia.