Melissa Blackburn Borg CNP, RNCP, ROHP

Melissa is a Registered Orthomolecular Heath Practitioner, Therapeutic Chef and Director of Nutrition for Canadian Health Recovery Centre practicing in the Durham and Peterborough area.  Melissa is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) North York Campus. She holds a Certificate of Completion in IHN’s Applied Endocrinology and Understanding Genetics for Improving Health Outcomes. Melissa also increased her knowledge base with advanced courses in Liver Pathologies along with Metabolism and Nutritional Medicine for the Nervous System. She continues to grow her scope of practice and is currently enrolled at the Canadian College for Homeopathic Medicine. Following a successful 10 year career working her way through some of the best restaurants in Canada, Melissa wanted to gain a better understanding of managing her own health through nutrition and enrolled at IHN, obtaining her diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition.
After graduating from IHN, Melissa founded her private clinical practice Eat. Live. Thrive. and soon joined the nutrition department at the Canadian Health Recovery Centre (CHRC) in Peterborough. At CHRC Melissa focuses her work on helping men with addiction and mental health disorders. Melissa’s approach is holistic at its core and integrates nutrition with the medical model working with a team of medical professionals, natural practitioners and therapists. Her principles of healing through natural medicine remains resonant with CHRC since they vastly different from traditional recovery models and deal with biochemical, neurological, psychological, emotional, physical, nutritional root causes without prescribing psychotropic drugs.