Rebecca Graves CH, CH

Rebecca Graves is a Chartered Herbalist and a Certified Hypnotherapist who is dedicated to complimentary and holistic healing practices. Combining environmental awareness with a passion for empowering clients and students, she focuses on the use of indigenous and naturalised plants of Ontario whenever possible, both clinically and in teaching.
She conducts guided herb walks and medicine making workshops, and lectures as a guest speaker. Rebecca is a board member of the Ottawa Herb Society where she conducts and facilitates workshops and lectures on a variety of herb related topics.
Combining herbal medicine and a wide range of hypnosis modalities in her clinical practice, she guides clients as they rediscover their innate capacity to heal both physically and emotionally.
Rebecca teaches Herbal Medicine at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Ottawa campus.

  • HM 008 Herbal Medicine

    Learn the healing and rejuvenating effects of medicinal herbs. Special emphasis is placed on herbal terminology, levels of application (including tonics, heroics and specifics), chronic condition application, remedies for stress, detoxification and antiviral, antibiotic and immune stimulating herbs.

  • Herbal Medicine Making CEHMM

    Medicine Making is the skill that bridges herbal knowledge and the understanding of human health and well-being. Understanding the effectiveness of different modalities of herbal medicines, and when and how to use them, will allow students to achieve the best results in promoting healing and health for their clients. Learning to make herbal medicines not only advances the students’ knowledge of herbal medicine but also allows them to share fresh sustainable and ethically sourced products with their clients.