Vanessa Peacock, BA, BSc (Nutritional Medicine) MSc. PT, PhD Cand.

Vanessa has a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University in London, England, and a MSc in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta. Vanessa has 5 years of experience in private practice at a multidisciplinary pain clinic, specializing in chronic digestive illness and persistent pain, as well as 4 years of experience as a chronic pain focused physical therapist.
She is currently practicing online while working on her PhD through the University of Potsdam on topics pertaining to chronic pain rehabilitation. Her emphasis is on the need for measurable and reliable methods for a fully integrated and sustainable lifestyle change to improve health and wellness.
Vanessa brings over 6 years’ experience in the Natural Health Products Industry as a product specialist at both the retail and manufacturing level. She holds over a decade of instructor experience in Canada, Japan and India. Vanessa has taught various courses at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition Vancouver Campus since 2013. She teaches Nutrition Through The Lifespan in IHN’s Diploma program and shares her expertise in IHN’s Continuing Education programming with Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplementation in Practice (CETNS) and Nutritional Therapy and Chronic Pain.

  • Nutritional Therapy & Chronic Pain CENTCF

    This course is designed for Nutritional Practitioners, other allied healthcare professionals who work with clients with persistent pain, and individuals looking to increase their knowledge base of complex pain. The role of supplements and specific therapeutic diets in its treatment will be thoroughly explored. This 7 session long course will teach critical thinking skills for the care and identification of chronic pain, and explain the roles of other healthcare professionals in its multidisciplinary care.

  • Therapeutic Nutrition & Supplementation In Practice CETNS

    This course helps practitioners make sense of the vast amount of research and public dialogue on therapeutic nutrition and supplementation. It is designed for health care practitioners interested in increasing their knowledge of using foods and supplements therapeutically. We will discuss the scientifically supported healing properties of each supplement and therapeutic/super food, their basic mechanism of action, and highlight the best evidence-based interventions for common health conditions they can improve and/or heal.