Pre & Post-natal Autism Prevention


Institute of Holistic Nutrition
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6:00 – 9:30 pm


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APRIL 24, 2018

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Pre & Post-natal Autism Prevention

Presenter: Manar Kassem Msc, BPharm

Prerequisites: This is an advanced lecture that is intended for clinical nutritionists, natural health practitioners and medical professionals working in the area of ASD. Anyone with interest is welcome to join but knowledge in areas like biological chemistry and body metabolism is recommended.

In many cases, the etiology of autism and related disorders are not neurological in nature. The abnormalities of biomarkers detected in the urine of children with autism depict a biochemical imbalance in the body affecting the normal development of the brain. The underlying causes of the biochemical imbalances were traced and identified, hence the development of biomedical/nutrition intervention gained trust and popularity over the past decade. The aim of the intervention is to restore the balance by addressing the underlying cause that could range from specific digestive enzyme deficiency, nutrition deficiency to impaired methylation, toxicity or inflammation.

Genetic predisposition to autism is a susceptibility to develop the disorder, but not in itself a cause of it. In order for the disorder to manifest, there must be many environmental triggers along with the gene mutations. Those triggers start from the womb at gestation, if all risk factors are eliminated, there is a great chance autism will not manifest despite the genetic predisposition.

In the Scope of this workshop we will be discussing the following:

• Diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders from the biomedical perspective.
• Different biomarker profiles of different diagnoses.
• The correlations of certain biomarkers with chronic disease.
• The impact on blood brain barrier, neurotransmitters and receptors of the brain.
• The impact of maternal microbiome on fetus.
• The impact of maternal heavy metal toxicity on the fetus.
• Hospital hazards and outbreak of chlamydia difficile and correlation with autism.
• Colostrum first feed and microbiota first inoculation.
• Normal delivery and microbiota growth in the fetus.
• Glyphosate herbicide hazard in food and sulphur depletion leading to autism.
• Optimum maternal nutrition.

About the Presenter

Born in Cairo and raised up by a family which is well based in the Pharmaceutical Industry, steered her to study Pharmacy at Cairo University. Working within this Industry, Manar started questioning the very concepts and theories of the “Getting Better” industry, which seem to focus on pacifying a symptom rather than solving the underlying cause of ailment. Manar started extensively researching the “unpopular” fields of healing; what is known as Alternative Medicine and Medical Nutrition, which opened her horizon to wide world of possibilities for healing specific illnesses especially Autism. Soon after, Manar earned her Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science and Food Policy from Tufts University, USA. Later on, Manar became a peer review board member in the official journal of the American Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition. Her research is in the field of dietary intervention for autism. Given her knowledge and experience of Pharmacology and Nutrition Science, as well as her background in International Development and Food Policy, she firmly believes that she found what will change the course of the future approach to health and healing.

Visit her at www.nutritionip.com