Energy Medicine for Women CEEMW

Instructor: Angelika Bendrich CNP, Reiki Master, Registered Counselor

This course offers specific Energy Medicine tips and techniques for working with the female client. We focus on teaching your patient how to keep her energy flowing in healthy patterns as first resort, prevention of imbalance, restoration and maintenance of energy and hormonal balance. Energy medicine gives tools for reinvention on what is possible for a woman, not only in regard to her age, but also with her physical appearance, vitality and physical health. Receive hands-on healing exercises, practical energy medicine and intuitive development exercises.
Regardless of you wanting to launch an energy healing practice or incorporate energy healing into the practice the curriculum offers in-depth, comprehensive, skill-based and experientially oriented learning activities for practitioners who want to specialize or integrate effective energy healing into their practice.
For almost every health condition a woman faces, hormonal imbalances are involved, and energy medicine can help establish graceful and effective hormonal flow. You will also discover healing ethics you need to be aware of and gain valuable feedback and encouragement throughout your training. Gain a good grounding in energy medicine and intuitive healing work. Become aware of energy healing and vibrational medicine – we invite the energy system and the physical, mental and emotional systems to work together in harmony including all 11 body systems.

LOCATION: Vancouver Campus
SESSION: 2 Day Intensive June 29-30, 2018
Friday & Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm (16 hours)
Wheels of Lifeby Anodea Judith