A Field Where In-Depth Education Makes The Difference

IHN offers full and part-time programs in Applied Holistic Nutrition. Studying at IHN offers an experience that is enriching, career building and relationship fostering. At IHN students are taught, by a talented team of professionals, a curriculum that is current, informative and innovative in nature, based on years of research and a multitude of clinical experience.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, students receive hands on exposure to the various components of practice through workshops, guest speakers, industry day trips, holistic cooking classes and co-operative placements.

By having access to the minds of the industry’s leading practitioners, both inside and outside of the classroom, students are able to draw on unique pools of knowledge and experiences to help them find their path, and to enter the alternative health care industry with the confidence and poise needed to succeed.

In an industry where interpersonal relationships and personal branding are vital, it is the practitioners with a rich foundation, and an understanding of the needs of those around them, that are bound to flourish.

The sense of shared values that emerge from being on campus together allows for traditional networking to foster trusted partnerships. This reveals itself through the number of graduates who together author books; develop products; establish clinical practices; launch culinary spaces; hold international retreats; pursue teaching and endless novel projects that align with the world’s need for real and sustainable change. There is a sense of identity cultivated in IHN’s in-class environment that encourages loyalty, trust, cooperation and community. The partnerships that form are eclipsed only by the rise of independent leaders who excel by the invaluable support from like-minded peers to elevate them beyond what is thought possible to achieve.

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