Tuesday, April 30

 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern / 11 am -12 pm Pacific


Participate, or listen in on, the conversation about IHN’s full diploma program, how on campus, online and self-paced classes run, tuition, the CNP designation, who our students are, how to choose your perfect niche, our Co-op Placement program, practicing online, working internationally and more!

Get answers about starting a new career, transitioning from your current field to nutrition, adding nutrition to your current practice, differences between health space professionals, as well as working in clinics, retreats, gyms, spas, eco-farms and much more.

Questions We Often Get Include:

“How do all of the different program options work?” “Can I work with my ND in clinical practice after I graduate?” “How would Co-op/Practicum work if I live outside of Canada?” “If I choose one of the Online options, how does the cooking class, herb walk and farm trip work?” “Are my CNP credentials recognized worldwide?” “Do all of your program options have the same curriculum and faculty?” “What is our scope of practice?” “How much reading is expected per class?” How many case studies do we do throughout the program?” “If I choose LIVE Online and miss one of my classes during the day, can I join the REPLAY in the evening?” “Is the Self-Paced program recordings of faculty?” “Does IHN have post-graduate support?”

If you’re looking for IN-CLASS at the Vancouver campus, studying ONLINE LIVE & IN REAL-TIME in Canada’s Eastern or Pacific time zones, or through our ONLINE, SELF-PACED program, you’re in the right place!

It is not an overstatement to say that IHN will transform your life!

Live and work through nature’s medicines!