Helen Papaconstantinos, HBA, CNP, ROHP

Helen is a First Class Honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  She holds an Honours BA in International Relations (summa cum laude, Jan Smuts Scholar), from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.  She holds a Psychology/Education BA degree from Brock University. Her practice, Insightful Nutrition, is focused on identifying and treating the root cause of illness. In her thirty years + working in international development, research, clinical and classroom settings, she has seen the difference that targeted nutrition can make. Helen’s international development work garnered her an invitation into the home of President Nelson Mandela and First lady Graca Machel. Her favourite location, however, is in her small kitchen in Toronto, where she can relax and share creative ways to use food as medicine with others.
Helen’s love of nutrition started at an early age, in her parent’s garden, where every manner of organic lettuces, vegetables, herbs and fruits were cared for, and grew with abandon. The two kitchens were always a hub of activity. Sun-ripened tomatoes were regularly slow-roasted and packed into jars, along with sprigs of just-picked basil, topped up with precious home-grown olive oil. Bowls of walnuts (in their shells), were kept on the table, in case you wanted a quick snack. Everything from yoghurt to cheese, to sauerkraut and all manner of breads and cakes, and refreshing drinks, were made at home. Lucky guests were treated to generous feasts and ‘care packages’ were prepared for them to enjoy back in their own home. If anyone ever got the sniffles, one was immediately presented with a hot cup of anti-microbial and antibacterial Mountain Tea (Iron Wort), or a cup of chamomile tea, served with a knob of pastured butter floating over the top. Helen is excited to be sharing her love of ancestral nutrition with IHN students. Helen teaches Holistic Food Preparation at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Toronto and Mississauga Campuses. 

  • HFP04 Holistic Food Preparation

    The kitchen is the unique laboratory where pure, natural and whole ingredients are transformed into healthful, vibrant dishes. Hands-on experience in preparation of breakfast “power-drinks”, nourishing soups, simple one-pot dishes and several Ayurvedic food items brings another dimension to the holistic curriculum. Emphasis is on proper preparation of grains through soaking, sprouting or fermentation and choice of healthy un-processed oils and fats to preserve and enhance nutritional value of foods. Raw foods, fermented condiments and other high enzyme preparations will be explored. All cooking classes are vegetarian.