Students must read the content below carefully.

Your registration confirms that you acknowledge that you have read and understood IHN’s policies. 

• Registration is first come, first serve with priority given to graduating students


• Please ensure you do not have any classes scheduled on a Friday before you register for HFP04
• There is no drop by date for this course. In rare cases, where the student finds a substitute to replace them, will it be acceptable to choose another date, without financial consequences. If a student cannot find a replacement for their spot in the course once they are registered, they will have to repay when taking it again.
• Instructors block time off and prepare for cooking classes well in advance and as such we cannot accept student cancellations
• If illness occurs, please contact your HFP course Coordinator immediately to discuss your options


• All students must attend all three sessions of the HFP04 class in order to pass this course
• Failure for any student to attend all three sessions will result in the student having to retake and repay for this course
• In the event of any emergency, should you not be able to attend any of the three sessions, please contact your HFP course Coordinator immediately to discuss your options


• Additional cooking class dates will be released when they are developed, approximately once every three to four weeks
• Future cooking class dates are determined by the HFP instructors
• The only classes currently scheduled, are the ones that you would have seen in the email sent to you
• The three sessions you attend must be on the three original dates that were supplied to you

Required Texts and Payments:

• Your admin/book store has the required text: Earthly and Divine $49.35 (no tax)
• Your admin/book store has the recommended texts, Nourishing Traditions for $35 + GST and Plant Based Diets for Dummies for $22.42 + GST

Administration Contact:

• You will receive an email confirmation from your campus HFP coordinator when you are registered in the class

Instructor Contact:

Only when you are confirmed (about a week before the class is set to run) will the instructor reach out with:

— instructions for how the day will run
— a request for you to share any food allergies or sensitivities you have
— The three sessions you will be confirmed for must be completed with the instructor you enrolled with

HFP Coordinators and Instructors