Diane Tuerke is the founder of Nourished Movement, where she combines her expertise in holistic nutrition, personal training, and kinesiology to provide thorough plans for her clients. Having struggled with eating disorders, her mission is to help others feel good in their bodies and achieve a healthy, balanced relationship with food. Her program leaves them feeling inspired by how amazing they can feel.

Michael Sharp is the founder of Holistic Living Nutrition, which is rooted in the belief that healthy living, physically, mentally, emotionally, &spiritually, does not have to be restrictive. He uses live cell analysis, hair mineral analysis, and food sensitivity testing in addition to his nutrition consulting skills to create manageable nutrition plans that easily fit in with his clients’ daily lives.

Kristin Price is the founder of Gather & Stay, an online holistic health community that embodies the deep, authentic, and vulnerable roots of connected living. At Gather & Stay, you can explore cookbooks and recipes in the virtual kitchen, explore topics often left unspoken in the online living room, attend events for deep discussion in the dining room, and explore the breakfast nook, spa, and woodshed!

Arantza Amuchastegui is the co-founder of MARPHYL Marine Phytoplankton, a natural health product brand specialized in creating not just a healthier body, but also a healthier living environment. All of their products are all 100% all-natural, wild, vegan, eco-friendly marine phytoplankton created to boost your health through biologically productive supplements for food, face, body and the soil!

Molly Robins is the founder of Molly”s Market, a nutritionist-designed healthy and local market located in King City, Ontario. Locally sourced and healthy products are at the heart of what they do, and each food, home, and gift brand they carry has been hand picked by Molly herself. Each purchase from Molly’s Market supports another small business who works hard to produce their unique, quality, products.

Tricia Pearson is the founder of Step Up To The Plate Nutrition, where she expresses her belief of “change your plate, change your fate” by offering nutritional consultation and meal programs, corporate programs, group classes, and mentorship programs. She is based out of Vancouver Island, and serves international clients remotely, not just managing their symptoms, but equipping them to prevent disease.