Erica McColman is an April 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Erica is the co-founder, along with friend and fellow IHN grad, Molly Sanders, of Molly & Erica. Early struggles with digestive difficulties and the eventual diagnosis of Celiac Disease led Erica to an informal training in Canadian Cuisine from a chef at Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, where Erica also worked. From this experience, she learned how to manage her Celiac Disease without relying on tasteless and nutrient-poor gluten free products, shifting instead to a whole foods diet. She has since worked with Earth and City, a locally sourced vegan company as a lead cook. With Molly & Erica, Erica focuses on balance. She cooks for clients that need help adjusting to new diets, as recommended by their naturopath or MD. Molly and Erica also coach parents of autistic children on how to incorporate a gluten, casein, soy, corn and sugar free diet into their everyday family routine. They now are working on a project to provide companionship and whole food meals to the elderly. | Instagram | Facebook


Molly Sanders is an April 2015 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Molly is the co-founder of Molly and Erica, which she is building alongside her business partner and fellow IHN graduate Erica McColman. Through one-on-one food coaching, talks, events and YouTube series, Molly and Erica empowers people to make choices around food that fuel their health, feed their soul, and support the health of the planet. After graduating from University, Molly discovered how amazing it is to get in the kitchen and cook a meal for those you love. She’s experimented with lots of eating philosophies but with every experiment, the motivation was the same: finding the best way to eat in order to feel vibrant and prevent disease. This quest eventually landed her at IHN. Molly also works alongside Adele Tevlin of Adele Wellness as an associate weight loss coach and content developer, and also consults with new entrepreneurs to hone their vision and translate that into inspiring visual and written content. | Instagram | Facebook


Cameron Rice is an April 2017 Mississauga campus graduate working on developing his practice in Barrie and the GTA, ON. Cameron discovered the healing power of whole food in his transitioning journey with Autism. His early life was focused on video games and an unhealthy lifestyle. When Cameron became interested in losing weight, he began to study the effects of food on the body, and specifically those with Autism. This ignited a passion within him and Cameron began cooking his own food and then growing his own food. He attended culinary school to become a chef, graduated from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and finally IHN. He works non-specifically to identify hidden sources of physical and psychological stressors. His focus is on stress, diet, and lifestyle factors with a specialty in helping individuals with learning disabilities dramatically lessen their handicaps. Cameron uses a spectrum of knowledge, testing and supplements to identify issues and help the client not only correct them but keep them from coming back. Cameron is currently taking on clients and would love to help families or individuals in a similar situation. He also invites IHN alumni to contact him should they be looking for support to expand their practice in the ASD area of nutrition. | Integrated Autism Consulting Blog | DoTerra


Erin Gouweleeuw is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Erin joined the team at Inspired Health Centre on Danforth early this year to provide Holistic Nutrition and Meridian Stress Assessments. As a young competitive swimmer Erin recognized the impact good, quality food had on her ability to fuel a good performance in the pool. However, upon attending university her focus shifted away from sports and proper nutrition to partying and cafeteria meals. She was constantly exhausted, had severe hormonal imbalances and turned to food to comfort her anxieties. Eventually she came full circle and was able to recover from her health issues using whole food and the lifestyle changes learned at IHN. Now she aims to inspire others to make healthy changes and fuel themselves properly so that their body will take them as far as their imagination will go. After graduation Erin wanted to expand her skills and became a qualified Meridian Stress Assessment Technician doing electrodermal screening to measure nutrient deficiencies, food, environmental and chemical sensitivities, Candida overgrowth as well as assess the functionality of the body’s organs. She would like to extend 50% off any Meridian Stress Assessment to all IHN alumni. | Twitter |


Khan Sikander Anwar is an April 2015 Vancouver campus graduate working in Vancouver, BC. Khan is an IHN Vancouver faculty member where he teaches Fundamentals and Symptomatology Part 1, and is in the process of launching his practice, NAYAH-Kx. NAYAH-Kx is where science will meet spirit and where one’s mind, body and soul will be nurtured and nourished through the gifts of nature. Khan has medical school training from Tanzania and Ayrurvedic and Alternative medicine training from India. The nature of crossing global borders with this education proved a significant challenge. He worked in obscure, unrelated jobs to manage life in his first three years in Canada and in his new role as a single father. Despite the odds, he enrolled at IHN for the sheer love of learning. The program offered him an evidenced-based understanding of his experiences with traditional healers in Africa and India, where alternative therapies are more widely accepted. Immediately upon entering the campus to enroll, Khan shares that he, “felt the energy, the vibrancy and the welcoming spirit of IHN”. He further expresses that his, “studies with IHN led him to find the gift of education, mentorship, meaningful work, and above all, an enduring community.” Khan will be featured as an IHN Open House lecturer on May 27, 2017—Understanding Our Neuroendocrinology To Live More Balanced, Purpose-Driven Lives In Optimal Health.

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Laura De Sanctis is an April 2017 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Laura is the founder of Go With Your Gut – an online holistic nutrition and digestive healing program where she aims to help educate and help those struggling with IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis and a host of digestive issues. In her early 20’s, Laura was diagnosed with IBS. After countless trips to the emergency room, seeing many gastroenterologists, and being prescribed numerous digestive aid prescriptions, Laura was inspired to educate herself. She began to learn more about holistic healing methods, which led her to IHN. Laura is also an in-house nutritionist with Avazera, a health and wellness company. She has partnered with them to create a holistic detox program, which was recently featured on Global TV and at this year’s Green Living Show. She is also the designated holistic nutritionist and wellness contributor for Well To Do, a community based wellness website, and she is a contributor for Diva Girl Nutrition. She hopes to continue to educate and inspire clients to live a holistic and healthy life by offering workshops around Toronto, and co-hosting retreats. Check out her upcoming events! | Instagram | Facebook


Stephanie Bonetta is an October 2013 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Mississauga, ON. Stephanie was the founder of Girlnola Inc., an organic, vegan and gluten-free granola, trail mix and raw truffle snack company. Today she has taken all her previous years of experiential culinary skills and has created countless delicious and nutritious meals for clients all over Ontario, both personal and large groups. She is an avid user and distributor of DoTerra essential oils for over 3 years which have brought her further healing and balanced her body from severe exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. She has organized and run several holistic nutrition yoga retreats in the Niagara and Hamilton area and is now working on getting her first 200 hours as a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher (YTT). She will be furthering her yoga practice this year in Bali, Indonesia and bringing back to Canada enhanced wisdom, recipes, hatha yoga and Thai massage to share with all of you. “Optimal YOU, one avocado and breath at a time” Her new website is under construction but she can be reached at 647-393-3372 or



Matthew Galli is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Whitby, ON. Matthew is the co-founder of Galten Nutrition where he aims to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle through holistic nutrition. At the age of six he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Through his struggles with this condition he has learned that nutrition and fitness play a large role in rehabilitation and balance. Matthew has learned that challenges and fears will always exist but through faith, hope and love we are given the strength to overcome adversity. After graduating university, Matthew decided to transform his passion for nutrition and fitness into a means of helping others to achieve and maintain wellness in their own lives. Upon receiving enlightenment as to the benefits of holistic nutrition, he found himself enrolling into IHN. Galten Nutrition aims to ensure that every person has received the tools necessary to help them achieve their highest potential. Matthew hopes to motivate and drive clients to a healthier way of life. Come check out his website and blog for news and upcoming events!

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Savannah Hinterbrandner is an April 2016 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in both Thunder Bay and Toronto, ON. Savannah is the creator and influencer for her blog and brand, Her Everyday Life. It is through this medium that she shares lifestyle and wellness based articles. Her writing is designed to inspire, educate, entertain and/or advise. Whatever value the reader attains, is what she is aiming to do. She has a creative mind and lets the creativity, inspiration and her readers guide her. On her blog she talks everything from personal experiences and stories, natural beauty tips, wellness tips, fitness, healthy recipes, to even some fashion. She has been featured in many publications, such as,, and As a recipe developer, her style of creation is simple, healthy and delicious! She doesn’t believe in refined sugar, traditional table salt, processed foods, hydrogenated oils or low quality dairy. As a blogging consultant, she works with individuals and businesses to assist in maintaining and developing their blog.  | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


Michael Sharp is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in the Durham Region, ON. Michael is the founder and owner of his own private practice, Holistic Living, and he is the Holistic Nutritionist at Safe Spaces Therapy. He believes in a whole approach to health. This approach is based on clients’ circumstances, life experiences, goals, and wishes. His aim is to work alongside clients, helping them discover whole health that they can enjoy each and every day. His passion for health stems from his own battle with acne as a young adolescent. This condition impacted his self-esteem, confidence and emotional wellbeing. Feeling he had no other choice, he turned to the mainstream medical approach, which merely masked symptoms with prescription medications. After researching natural approaches, Michael turned to a number of dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle changes that, within a few months, gave him a perfectly clear complexion, free of acne. His personal experiences and love for health fuels his passion for helping others with their health challenges, utilizing an approach that doesn’t suppress symptoms but rather one that places the aim on discovering the root causes in order to achieve optimal health. | Instagram | Facebook


Nancy Majoulian is an April 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Ontario and Quebec with expertise in plant based nutrition and corporate workshops. Nancy, a former aerospace executive and the founder of Gaia LifeForce, is an IHN Ottawa faculty member, where she teaches Professional Practice. Her mission at Gaia LifeForce is to promote optimal plant-based nutrition through science-based education and research, and by providing practical tips for a more natural lifestyle, plant food recipes, natural remedies, mindfulness, compassion and more. Nancy began her journey of health, wellness, and mindfulness after a life-changing skiing accident in 2008. During this traumatic period, Nancy began to learn more about nutrition and the role it can play as preventative and complementary medicine. Determined to get back on her feet as quickly as possible, she put together a custom health and wellness program for herself, making a full recovery in under six months. Nancy is considered a Professional Naturopath in Québec and she is the creator, host and co-producer of “Nancy’s Kitchen”, where the art of plant base cooking meets the science of nutrition. She is a big advocate of health, wellness and mindfulness and believes that everything we do, not only affects our wellbeing, but all life on our planet and our environment. | Gaia LifeForce Facebook | Nancy’s Kitchen Facebook |Gaia LifeForce Twitter | Nancy’s Kitchen Twitter | Gaia LifeForce Instagram | Nancy’s Kitchen Instagram


Kirstin Olsen is an October 2016 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Millarville, AB. With a focus on sustainability, local availability and community nourishment, Kirstin operates her own holistic wellness business, Rural Root One, the namesake of which expresses her desire to focus her offerings beyond the city limits into the smaller, outlying communities of Calgary. Through her business, she works with clients to offer an “outside the box” approach to meeting their individual needs. To Kirstin, this means that she never quite knows what her next assignment will look like. Whether it’s planning meals, facilitating workshops, collaborating with other local businesses and holistic practitioners; opportunities have been abundant and exciting! Her vision is to provide from a space of love and connection with self, others, and the environment. Inviting each individual to come as they are, she aims to work with her clients to achieve their health and wellness goals from a multi-faceted approach. When she is not focused on developing her own business, her role at Community Natural Foods in the Customer Engagement department keeps Kirstin on her toes in the ever changing world of modern day nutrition. As a part of this, she has taken on an active role as a presenter and demonstrator in the How-To series which are free to the public presentations put on by the store on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. | Facebook | Instagram


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