JESSICA BUDGELL BSc, CNP, Sexual Empowerment Coach

Jessica Budgell is an April 2014 Vancouver campus graduate practicing remotely from Montreal, QC.  Jessica is the owner of She is a gifted and skilled coach who believes that sexuality is too often overlooked as an area of self-development; it is as important as one’s career, finances, and health. She works with women and men to move past perceived barriers by exploring what it is they truly want while supporting them to create realistic and achievable ways to get it. In Vancouver, Jessica has worked as a clinical CNP at both Northshore Naturopathic Clinic and Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic. She then moved to Montreal to open her own clinical practice using a combination of nutrition and an energy based muscle testing modality called Total Body Modification (TBM).  She has since moved her practice to an online platform where she works 1-on-1 as a Sexual Empowerment Coach with her global clientele. Jessica also offers remote TBM sessions in combination with coaching. TBM and coaching is an ideal combination because TBM helps to move and align the subtle subconscious energies of the body, whereas coaching works on a cognitive and conscious level.  Behind the scenes, she is creating an online program for those looking to delve deeper into their relationship with their sexuality, move towards their deepest desires, and experience how sexual empowerment has the ability to improve every aspect of your life! | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


Jordana Hart is an April 2012 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Jordana is the CEO behind I HART NUTRITION, which is a blog, brand, community, and private practice. Jordana created her blog @ihartnutrtion immediately after graduating IHN, as a way to channel her passion for health and wellness. Her focus has been helping women create healthy relationships with food and their bodies. Jordana worked at a private eating disorder clinic for four years and decided last year to leave this position, to  fully invest her energy into her private practice, blog and Instagram account. A huge part of her success and business comes from social media. @ihartnutrition now has 28.9k followers, and Jordana works with lots of like-minded brands as a social influencer to help spread awareness. She created I Hart Nutrition as an online community for people to gain valuable and easy-to-follow nutrition tips they can use in everyday life. Over the years, she has recognized that people tend to get caught up in this obsession with ‘dieting’. Jordana knows that being on a diet is not necessarily the same thing as being healthy. Nutrition is all about discovering the right ingredients for your body and the importance of fuelling the body with whole, unprocessed and unrefined foods. | Instagram | Facebook


Marcello Di Carlo is a November 2017 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Mississauga, ON. Marcello, as a Registered Bio Energetics Practitioner, has his own practice, BIE Holistic Health, and practices at Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre and two other clinics in the GTA. He is looking forward to becoming a Certified Iridologist in June. Marcello’s expertise is found in discovering the root cause of one’s symptoms, specifically when the medical system has simply provided medications to cover the symptoms one is experiencing. He believes that every symptom is an important key to finding this root cause and that symptoms are our body’s way of signaling that something is not right within. Marcello believes that balance is everything and that our bodies are capable of healing themselves naturally, given the right tools. He has worked with clients with a wide range of issues, is passionate about caring for others, and helping them achieve optimum health. He’s dedicated to continued research in the natural health care field and takes pride in advocating health and helping others. Marcello also develops weight loss programs for his clients based on their individual needs – helping them achieve sustainable weight loss and healthy eating habits.


Karim Premji is an October 2015 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Karim is the founder of Iridology and Nutrition Centrewhere he offers Iridology & Nutritional Assessments. He is also the New Manager of the Healthy Planet on The Danforth. He has been featured on Rogers TV Health Matters, the documentary film The Wellness Story, and is a contributing writer for Highway Magazine, a leading cannabis publication. Recently he launched a new business project – Business With Customers – where he sets up nutritionists with 25-100 clients who are already using a specific brand of wellness products. This allows nutritionists to start a business with customer’s right from the start and avoid the pain of trying to find clients themselves. Cell: 647-886-3982 | | | Instagram


Joanna Bowen is an April 2015 Vancouver campus graduate heading up a virtual practice serving clients across Canada and beyond. Joanna is the CEO and Lead Educator of Joanna Bowen Wellness, where she specializes in the emerging field of Nutrigenomics: the science of how your unique genes interact with the bioactive components in your food. Joanna focuses on the unique relationship between each client’s DNA in combination with their diet & lifestyle choices, and the many ways this can either lead to the development or prevention of chronic disease. Through gene-based, personalized nutrition, Joanna guides clients to proactively side-step genetic predispositions towards disease, and move towards greater alignment with what their bodies actually need for a long, healthy, vibrant life. In addition to serving individual clients, she is currently filming a video series designed to help others learn about the science of nutrigenomics. Joanna is an eternal student and continues to pursue a long list of continuing education opportunities, leveraging connections with mentors, teachers, molecular geneticists, functional nutritionists and other health professionals around the globe to further develop her expertise. | Facebook


Irina Vorotynskaya is a November 2017 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Irina, who is also a Homeopath, along with her husband, Roman (a Pharmacist who is studying Functional Medicine), are the owners of an Integrative Pharmacy called St. George Pharmacy. The Pharmacy favours natural / alternative medicine and offers a variety of high quality, professional supplements and products to customers. Using state of the art pharmacy automation equipment they are able to make personalized sachets for clients with their prescribed supplements, dosages and timing directions printed on each sachet. With this equipment, there is no obligation to purchase an entire bottle of supplements; instead there is only a pay what you need charge. This ensures the protocol timeline prescribed by the practitioner can be matched exactly and client compliance, ease, and cost savings can be maximized. Practitioners will soon be able to log into the St. George Pharmacy website in order to utilize the online ordering options. In addition, the integrative pharmacist is able to check drug interactions (drug to drug as well as drug to supplement) in order to ensure there are no negative or adverse side effects with various therapies. The Pharmacy is looking forward to working with other practitioners and supporting the growth of the holistic community both locally and globally. Please reach out to find out more about the perks of working with this growing business. Facebook | Instagram


Jared Kaminsky is an October 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Jared is the Director of Programs for Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs. Shoresh inspires and empowers our community to take care of the earth by connecting people, land, and Jewish tradition. Through nature-based Jewish education, healthy food production for vulnerable community members, environmental action, and sustainable Jewish products, Shoresh offers community members meaningful opportunities to be responsible stewards of the world around us. Jared has recently begun the yearlong JOFEE (Jewish, Outdoor, Food, Farming, Environmental Education) fellowship program. Fellows receive intensive training, mentorship, and support from leading educators and other professionals in the JOFEE field. Jared is using the knowledge and skills acquired through the fellowship in his work at Shoresh by planning and implementing experiential education programming. The fellowship year began with a two-week intensive JOFEE training and orientation seminar at Hazon’s Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT in March 2018. Program planning for 2018 is well underway with some highlights being garden and nutrition workshops for vulnerable community members, and a program series on homesteading skills. |


Amy Hogan is an October 2014 Toronto campus First Class Honours graduate practicing in Toronto, ONAmy is a Professional Coach and Retreat Leader with her own practice, Soul Driven. All of Amy’s clients have one thing in common; they want to inspire others and change the world. These are the people that she calls Soul Driven. They have a huge heart; they care about humanity so much it hurts and are passionately committed to a particular social cause. They also feel guilty for not being enough. They don’t celebrate their wins because they fear jealousy and judgement from others. Amy uses her unique gift of seeing others for who they truly are to co-create grounded and confident leaders, taking people from lost to loved. Amy recently started offering Heart Readings to help her clients get clarity on their next steps. She is an empath and clairsentient which means that she can strongly feel what others feel emotionally in her body, allowing her to read your heartThis past year Amy hosted her first international retreat to Costa Rica. Participants left the retreat thankful for having calm and peace brought back into their life, through connection with nature and opening their heart. Amy’s next retreat will be in Ontario this | Facebook | LinkedIn


Annely Arrak is an April 2015 Toronto honours graduate practicing in Tulum, Mexico and Nelson, BC. In Mexico, Annely is the operator of the esthetics department at Yaan Wellness Spa, voted within 7 best spas in the world in 2017. She offers esthetic services along with crystal healing, Ayruvedic treatments and energy medicine. Her personal crystals “wanted to be in service” so she brought them to the spa to come up with a treatment where she combines Crystal healing with a facial. It gives her joy that this ancient wisdom, Ayurveda, “science of life” is becoming more known and sought after. Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment embodies “Tremendous love and immense tenderness”. While in Mexico, she was first introduced to Bio-magnetic therapy which was started in 1988 by Mexican Dr. Isaac Goiz. Bio-magnetics balances the internal pH which makes viruses, bacteria and parasites leave the body. People gain their health and well-being, often in few sessions. In BC, Annely has a great clientele. Nelson is all about community spirit, organic food and support. Her son’s ongoing mental illness inspired her to attend IHN, so that she could offer tools to help all others who may be in a similar situation. | | whatsapp +1 416 3469817


LeeAnn Cruz is an October 2015 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Mississauga, ON. LeeAnn works at Peak Results Health & Wellness, a multi-disciplinary wellness centre in Mississauga. She offers nutrition workshops, meal planning, group weight loss programs and one-on-one nutrition coaching. As a mother of three and a former elementary school teacher, LeeAnn understands the challenges of busy families, hectic lifestyles and putting healthy and delicious meals together. With a passion in both nutrition and culinary creations, LeeAnn is able to help clients improve their health and eating habits with her caring style and practical approach. Her energy and passion for healthy active living are evident in her nutrition talks at various Running Room clinics across the GTA and in her many triathlons, her most recent one being Lake Placid Ironman 70.3! | Facebook | Instagram


Hema Ramsingh is a June 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Hema is the founder of She aims to help people wade through the myriad of diet, health and wellness advice that is so abundant, to bring it to a level that works for each individual. Hema believes that everyone deserves good health, whether with plenty of resources or on a budget, and that every change, no matter how small is a step in the right direction. Recently, Hema has teamed up with Irina Mirazizyan of Support With Therapy, to bring a holistic, integrated approach to corporate wellness. Together Hema and Irina offer a physical, mental and emotional view of wellness and provide tools for living a healthier lifestyle. | Facebook Instagram


Aysegul Gunsur is an April 2015 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently working at SETS Wellness and Sports Center as Holistic Nutritionist. She specializes in weight loss, insulin resistance, Hashimoto’s Disease and digestion issues. She also writes weekly nutritional therapy articles for a web based news portal. In the future, Aysegul plans to work with people who experience panic attack issues, as she understands this firsthand, having suffered and dealt with these problems herself. She wants to be able to guide and support panic attack suffers with a holistic approach. Aysegul has her own webpage, . She is looking to expand her practice, working with peers to collaborate between Toronto and Istanbul. Aysegul happily volunteers to support other CNPs to come visit her in her hometown of Istanbul. | Facebook | Instagram


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