Katie is a 2018 Vancouver campus first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Halifax, NS. She is the founder ofRestoring Autoimmune Health, an online nutrition consulting practice dedicated to providing personalized nutrition plans specific to each client’s autoimmune condition and experience. Katie has lived with inflammatory arthritis for over a decade. While completing a PhD in archaeology several years ago, she decided to dig into the world of nutrition research. Realizing that there was no one-sized-fits-all approach, she decided to become her own nutrition experiment, eventually treating her condition and living medication-free. Her passion for nutrition, combined with her academic and research background has led Katie to become a vocal advocate for the patient voice in the field of autoimmunity in Canada. She is an active member of the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board for Arthritis Research Canada, the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants and has taught Advanced Nutritional Research at the IHN Vancouver Campus for the past year. Katie believes, along with her IHN colleagues, that with tailored holistic guidance, autoimmune health can be restored!

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Caroline is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Caroline has a clinical practice atVitalityMD, a Functional Medicine Clinic in Toronto. Caroline focuses on health, energy and brain optimization for busy, overwhelmed, fatigued women and teens, most with a history of autoimmune disease, CFS/Fibro and concussions. Caroline started her career as a lawyer and is no stranger to high stress and chronic health issues as she went through her own struggles with Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s disease. When life brought her and her husband, along with their two sons to Toronto, she decided to change paths and study nutrition as it played a pivotal role in her journey back to health. It became her mission to empower women the knowledge and guidance to lead healthier, happier lives with more energy, vitality and brainpower. She completed certifications in Culinary Nutrition, Functional Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and courses in SIBO and Microbiome Restoration and S.H.I.N.E (CFS/Fibro). She is presently pursuing her Functional Medicine Practitioner certification and Translational Nutrition and Nutrigenomics course. Caroline is also part of a Mastermind group dedicated to the advancement of clinicians towards delivering the best standard of client care. She works collaboratively with an MD and ND at the clinic to provide integrative healthcare. Caroline speaks and facilitates workshops at the clinic.

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Abneet is a 2016 Vancouver campus graduate, currently practicing in Vancouver, BC. She is the owner of Abneet Sandhar Wellness and The Nourished Woman. Abneet is a feminine embodiment coach, holistic chef, workshop facilitator and intuitive guide, helping busy and stressed women connect deeper to their bodies and feminine power, and ultimately live a life of authentic radiance and vitality. Abneet draws upon the Indian traditions of feminine awakening and ‘Shakti’ utilizing mantra, chanting and goddess study to trigger powerful shifts in women. She specializes in sensual cooking, intuitive eating, and yogic approaches to living, working 1-1 with clients and in groups. Abneet is the host of Awakening Shakti: a 7 week Feminine Self Care Journey a recurring 7 week series held at The Temple in Kitsilano, using embodiment and nutrition to heal—which began April 18. She has just launched Shakti Sisterhood Immersiononline program on April 15, 2019 which is a 7 week holistic deep dive guiding women back into their feminine softness and power. The first annual Nourished Woman Retreat, November 15-17, 2019 takes place at the breathtaking Halfmoon Haven retreat center on Sunshine Coast, BC. Abneet’s passion is rooted in helping women wake up from the trance of over-doing, over-giving and overwhelm and guiding them back to living a life rooted in the authority of their own deep love, wisdom and sensuality.

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Kylie is a 2009 North York campus, first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Kylie is the founder of Koru Nutrition Inc., a company that specialises in helping individuals that have been involved in motor vehicle accidents (MVA), providing nutrition services to individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurological disorders. She has 18 nutritionists, dietitians and naturopathic doctors that work for her and are based across South Western Ontario. Prior to IHN, Kylie graduated from Auckland University in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Health Science in Occupational Therapy in 1996. Kylie became increasingly dedicated to researching nutrition and spinal cord injuries when her one-and- a-half-year old nephew sustained a C3-C4 quadriplegia in 2009. In her career Kylie has been a part of many important projects, such as receiving a grant from the Paralyzed Veterans of America to research and write a book on nutrition and preventing secondary complications in SCI and presenting on the topic of nutrition at the Canadian National Spinal Cord Injury conference, the Niagara Brain Injury conference and the Toronto ABI network conference, but the highlight of her career was presenting at the 20th World Functional Medicine Conference at Harvard Medical School in 2016 and at the World Brain injury Conference in 2019. In 2013, Kylie and fellow IHN graduate, Joanne Smith, published, “Eat Well, Live Well with Spinal Cord Injury”.

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Kerri is a 2018 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto and Peterborough, ON. She is the founder of Clean Serene Nutrition, her practice where she focuses in gut health, detoxification and freedom from addiction. Prior to her studies at IHN, Kerri earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Mount Allison University, with a focus on mental health and addiction. In 2012, Kerri decided to overhaul her way of being and take charge after being addicted to drugs and alcohol for much of her life. Kerri’s personal struggles and her deep understanding of the challenges of a balanced lifestyle are the keys to her effective approach in creating real change with clients. She knows firsthand what proper nutrition, a spiritual practice and regular exercise can do for the soul. In addition to her practice, Kerri also works as a Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian Health Recovery Centre, which is an addiction treatment centre exclusively for men, that addresses alcohol and drug dependency as well as behavioural addictions without prescribing psychotropic drugs.

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Elisa is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Kleinburg, ON. She is the founder of Naturally Elisa, her clinical practice where she consults with individuals of all ages. Through her personal experiences, Elisa has a keen interest in endocrinology and enjoys working with individuals with hormonal imbalances. As a teenager, Elisa lived in Italy with her parents. It was there that she was introduced into a more holistic lifestyle including herbal remedies and getting iodine from the ocean. She could see the direct connection between the lifestyle and the health of the she people she lived around. Before deciding to become a nutritionist, Elisa originally attended York University with intentions of becoming a nurse. As she got closer to her goal she realized that this job did not align with her personal values as a practitioner – this was when she found IHN. Elisa is a Live Blood Cell Analyst, Reiki practitioner and Metabolic Balance Coach. Elisa was recently affiliated with the Ontario Weight Loss Grants program, a program for individuals who can receive reimbursement from the government if they achieve their designated weight loss goals.

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Marianna is a 2014 North York campus, first class honours graduate, currently working in Guelph, ON. She is the founder of Marianna Martinez Wellness, her private practice where she provides nutritional consultations. Marianna quickly realized that building her practice and raising a toddler was a difficult combination, and decided to temporarily cease taking on clients full time. Currently Marianna dedicates most of her time raising her son, but is also working part time at Natures Signature health food store as a Holistic Nutritionist. She is excited to get back into clinical practice later this year, once her son starts school. In addition to her nutrition training, Marianna completed postgraduate studies in pregnancy and early childhood nutrition and energy medicine. She has a keen interest in spirituality and has studies a number of modalities. She is a Reiki Master and recently completed a Light Priestess 3 level course with Litios. Marianna writes nutrition based articles for English as well as Russian publications. Marianna participated in her first Metaphysical and Spiritual show in Toronto, presenting spiritual books from Russia from worldwide Ascended Masters.

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Larissa is a 2018 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of Be the Cure Wellness, where she focuses on hormone health and helping people detoxify the toxic chemicals that are lurking in their everyday lives and routines. Larissa obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in 2005 from Wilfred Laurier University and upon graduating she started her career in the publishing industry as a Publicist. After many years of working with top Canadian publishers and establishing her own freelance Publicity firm, Larissa realized her barrel was over flowing and her adrenals were shot. In 2016 she experienced the tragic loss of her father to small cell carcinoma and his illness is what ultimately led her to IHN and start a new path. Larissa understands firsthand the damage that unbalanced hormones can do to one’s body and mental health. After managing to get her own hormones under control, Larissa helps others that may be suffering. She is passionate about clean and green living and has a vast knowledge on toxic free products that won’t break the bank but will keep families safe from harmful chemicals.

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