Naomi Higenbottam is the founder of Bloom Naturally, where she supports women during pregnancy and postpartum through nutrition, and breastfeeding support. She is a Lactation Consultant and Public Health Nurse who works with babies and children. She has a full line of all-natural handmade body care products including body scrubs, aromatherapy roll-ons, lip balms, salves, balms, skin and hair care.

Jen Bino hosts retreats in the quaint neighborhood of Swiss Meadows in The Blue Mountains! She is Co-owner of The Retreat House, a beloved rustic oasis embodying the goal of creating a place for guests to have a moment to breathe and come home to themselves. Guests have seasonal activities to choose from during their overnight stays, from therapeutic spa treatments, meditation, skiing, and belly dancing!

Karen Smith offers holistic healing through clinical nutrition consultations and live blood cell microscopy on her reserve, Six Nations of the Grand River territory. She is the owner of Life Sustainers, a dream come to reality where she offers these services in addition to being a natural health store primarily selling consumer and professional line supplements. Her goal is to inspire one to attain their most vibrant selves.

Inder Gharial supports women through hormone regulation as part of her business, Inder Nutrition Consulting. Inder’s practice is rooted in a trifecta approach of natural nutrition, supplements and lifestyle recommendations. Through compassion, guidance, intuitive eating advice, and coaching, Inder provides her clients with tools to find balance as part of her three-month program.

Grace Tien guides women with uncomfortable periods and constant fatigue to feel excited, confident, and at ease with their cycle. Through her company, Grace Tien, Grace provides hormone testing and personalized protocols to evaluate and improve the emotional state, lifestyle habits, stress levels, and past and current diets to help her clients break free from their hormonal struggles.

Adriana Rotella is the founder of Adriana Rotella, using nutrition and Pilates to help her clients live healthy, active, and strong lives. In addition to custom meal planning for individuals, she also runs interactive and informative corporate workshops to boost productivity and create and a more positive work environment. Her goal is to allow the people she works with to love their life and bodies again.

Annie Gaudreault is the founder of Veev Health & Wellness, where she helps women that begin to experience increased health issues in their 40s. Whether it be menopause, weight gain, joint pain, sleep difficulties, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, or energy loss, Annie integrates the six essential pillars of healthy aging into the lives of mid-life women for sustainable change.

Alicia Wlodarski strives to empower and educate her clients, so that they too can become familiar with listening to their bodies’ innate wisdom. Through her company, Holistic Body Balance, Alicia provides Intolerance Testing, BioElectric Acupressure, Nutrition and Supplement Programs, Dolphin Micro Point Stimulation Therapy, and Detox programs to understand, cleanse, relax, and heal the body.

Beatriz Costa uses the Metabolic Balance method, and has supported hundred of people lose weight and gain back years of their life by educating, coaching, and changing people’s daily habits. As the founder of Costa Wellness, she offers an 8 week weight loss program, healing her clients’ dysfunctional metabolisms to improve their energy, gut health, hormones, mood, skin, and pain.