Michelle Labrosse guides individuals to move, stretch, and meditate weekly as part of her zone of genius, on top of combining other lifestyle factors to empower clients to live holistically. After being diagnosed with MS more than 10 years ago, and healing herself from the inside-out, medication-free, she now uses her time and knowledge to inspire others to live their best life through her business, Eye Love Balance.

Cindy Solkin is the founder of HealthyCindy, advocating that growing older doesn’t mean getting sicker, and that wellness comes in all shapes and sizes. She works with clients 1:1, promoting food freedom through her signature program, Freedom From The Fridge, launching soon! Cindy teaches Comparative Diets at IHN’s Vancouver campus and instructs Pilates at V Pilates and Vitalcore in Coquitlam, BC.

Jillian Wisborg uses a combination of nutrition, iridology, and herbal medicine in her practice. She works with women to balance their hormones, recover from conventional birth control, and re-wild the womb! The programs offered through, Jillian Wisborg, include Vibrant Vixen and New Brain, New You. She helps clients break through barriers to achieve clarity and calm. Jillian produces variety of herbal products.

Dina Shokri runs her own private practice, called Sh Dina Health and Wellness, and is a nutritionist at the Port Credit Wellness Clinic. She coaches clients with eating disorders and weight loss, and has written numerous recipes for magazines and newsletters. Dina provides consultations for nutritionists looking to build successful practices. She also runs public speaking sessions in schools and community centres.

Elle Sikorski is the founder of Well Bebe, an innovative e-learning platform designed with the singular purpose of empowering new parents with the knowledge, skills, and tools to nurture their baby’s well-being, sleep and nutrition throughout the first year of their life. Through her Well Bebe Method, Elle provides everything new parents need to know regarding feeding, sleeping, activities, and more.

Carys Degenhardt works to help her clients navigate this beautiful earth a little more naturally, turning to food, nature based therapies and mindset to create massive transformation. In addition to her 1-on-1 with clients she is the Operations Director at HatchPath, a new coaching platform that makes it easier for coaches to find clients! Free to sign up here then reach out to carys@hatchpath.io with your questions!

Brittney DeSantis is the CEO of The Institute of Natural Health Technologies Inc. and BIE Clinics head office in Oakville, Ontario. She co-teaches the BioEnergetics modality throughout the BIE Licensing and Training Program. In her own practice, Brittney uses holistic nutrition and BIE to work with stressor related symptoms that impede health, digestive issues, and weight loss programs.

Carmen Lynde uses plant-based nutrition and clinical herbalism to lead women in detoxifying, balancing hormones, achieving longevity, and healing the gut-brain connection. Through her business, VERVAIN, Carmen creates custom protocols including botanical tinctures, tea blends, and diet and lifestyle recommendations. She also runs conferences, seminars, and workshops on numerous topics.

Sofia Pristrila is the founder of Sofia Elena Health, a clinical practice involving nutrition, functional testing, reflexology, reiki, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Sofia focuses on chronically ill degenerative conditions, autoimmune diseases and cancer cases. She teaches Nutritional Symptomatology Pt. 2 here at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and mentors new practitioners as a Co-op partner.

Kathy Timmermanis empowers her clients through simplicity, knowing ourselves, and nourishment. Through her business, Kathy Holistic, she offers 1-on-1 consultations, and hands-on in-person group workshops including topics such as brewing kombucha, intro to Ayurveda, and herbal skin salves. As a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, Kathy incorporates energetics into her work with clients.

Jennifer Ide runs her own practice, Holistic Skin Artisan, focused on natural skin healing. She is hosting a free webinar on Thursday April 13 at 12pm ET, discussing the best way to reduce itchy/watery eyes, nasal congestion, wheezing, sneezing fits, and more, without the use of pills, sprays and puffers. Jennifer will also cover the risks associated with antihistamines, and which to avoid. Sign up for the webinar here.

Tara Bassett is a holistic nutritionist at Koru Nutrition, focusing her practice on brain injury, chronic pain, mental health, digestive health, and weight management. She has worked with a variety of populations as an occupational therapist, including those with traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, and more. Tara strongly believes in the power of food, movement, and mindfulness to achieve optimal health.