Erika Weissenborn is an April 2013 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Erika is the founder of Fresh in Your Fridge and Erika Weissenborn Nutrition. Before IHN, she completed a BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health at UBC. Fresh in Your Fridge offers a team of nutritionists available to design a personalized weekly meal plan for clients and prepare those meals in the client’s home using organic groceries. Her goal is to teach clients how to eat healthy long-term – while providing support with the most time consuming parts: grocery shopping and cooking. During the process of building Erika Weissenborn Nutrition, she noticed that the barrier to success with healthy eating wasn’t always education, but usually a lack of time and focus in the kitchen. This is where the idea for Fresh in your Fridge came to be. Erika teaches Professional Practice at the IHN Vancouver and has spent years working with clients in a clinical and online coaching setting. Erika was voted Best Nutritionist in Vancouver by Georgia Straight readers in 2016. | | Facebook | Instagram


Jane Ready-Webster will be an October 2017 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Jane will be hosting a Holistic Living Retreat in Rote Island, Indonesia November 12 – 20, 2017. This will be a week long journey of living off the grid at Utopia Rote Sustainable Lodge. Participants will immerse themselves in holistic and mindful living, while practicing daily yoga, learning about nutrition and authentic island lifestyle. As a CNP and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Jane will join forces with Kim Slippens, owner of Utopia Rote Lodge, RYT and permaculture enthusiast to provide daily activities and exercises to refresh your body and mind. Vinyasa, restorative and partner yoga classes will focus on softening, strengthening and opening the body for a week of pure bliss. Along with yogic practices such as meditation and pranayama, the retreat will include plenty of hiking, snorkelling and surfing. Guests will be nurtured with one-on-one nutritional coaching combined with workshops and food foraging to deepen our love of food and provide our bodies with the most nutritious ingredients possible. The retreat’s agenda offers a perfect balance of activities and free time for rest, rejuvenation and reflection. | Instagram


Andrea is an October 2011 graduate working in Toronto, ON. She is the creator of, a website created to give people access to healthy recipes that are also delicious. Andrea has written for Weight Watchers Canada, Fitness Republic, Huffington Post Canada, MindBodyGreen, VegNews and Tonic Magazine. She has appeared on E! Canada and in Elle Canada. Andrea is passionate about delivering practical and sensible nutrition advice in a clear way – and always with a healthy dose of humour! She is currently working with Genuine Health as communications and education manager. | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


Katie Bigras will be a November 2017 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Katie is the owner of Vitex Wellness and founder of Guts4Brains where she discourses evidence based holistic approaches for balancing hormones; PMS, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause and adrenal issues and optimizing gut health. She has a joint honours degree in Environmental Science and Biology and is a self-proclaimed science junkie. After dealing with her own health challenges and hormonal imbalance, Katie’s passion for nutrition became her obsession. While at IHN, Katie worked for the Nutrition House while doing placements at Lavalee Health Centre with Dr. Cheryl Allen, N.D. and collaborating on blogs with brain health expert, Max Lugavere. After finishing her studies, she attended a Biohack your Brain and Body Retreat at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California where she gave lectures on Optimizing Digestion and Environmental Toxicity/Endocrine Disruption. She has dedicated herself to learning how to heal and optimize the body through nutrition and lifestyle while sharing this information with the world. | Facebook | Instagram


Zinnia Crawford will be a November 2017 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Zinnia has jumped right in after completing her courses, she is working on getting her website and social media presence up and running and has teamed up with friend and recognized Soma Yoga and pain management therapist, Nicole Ablack-Ramkay, to plan her first wellness and nutrition retreat. Zinnia’s values when it comes to holistic nutrition and eating in general, are deeply embedded from her family home in Cyprus. Weekly trips to her mother’s village in the mountains to pick fresh fruit and vegetables, baking bread in the outdoor ovens and food preparations were experiences never to be forgotten from her childhood. A passion for cooking and family love have always been the key to wellness in Zinnia’s home. September 8-10, 2017 are the dates of her sold out retreat taking place at Pine Creek Acres Country Retreat in Pelham, Ontario, nestled in the Niagara wine region. Zinnia has plans for many more retreats, however the biggest plan for Zinnia is the retreat being organized for Cyprus in late September of 2018. Taking her craft to her birth country is her ultimate dream! |


Sara Subero is an October 2010 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in The Caribbean. Sara is the founder of the holistic health website, Beyond Vitality. She is also the creatress behind Beyond Vitality Nature Camp, a family run, off grid eco lodge and homestead striving for optimal wellbeing through rewilding, movement, holistic health and sustainable living. Originally from Northern Ontario, she is now based on The Nature Island, also known Dominica. Along with her family, Sara is starting an intentional community comprised of regional and international people with diverse personal and cultural backgrounds. She is inviting her like-minded colleagues from IHN to consider living/working in Dominica. Families would embrace an egalitarian, eco-centered and alternative way of life and have a deep-rooted commitment to co-existing as part of local ecology, protecting the Earth, its beings and generations to come. Each family will have ownership share in the venture, including the community business, its amenities and shared land. If you want to live along with nature’s rhythm, create space for loving empathy and engage in eco-centered living, they invite you to get to know them, learn more about Beyond Vitality Eco Village, see their philosophy and consider joining their growing community. You can also view the video of their first year reflection living off the grid. | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter


Constantina Gravalos is an October 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Oakville, Ontario. Constantina started Tina Gravalos Holistic Wellness where she sees clients for one-on-one consultations and meal planning, with a special interest in pediatric, digestive and preventative wellness. She also practices at Dr. Michelle Peris Naturopathic Doctor & Associates, where she and Dr. Michelle work together to combine their skills,  expertise and their passion for helping people to provide their clients with optimal holistic care. In addition, Constantina is the in-house nutritionist for Meal Garden, an online meal planning tool and recipe database. Most recently, Constantina has become a wellness contributor for Well TO Do, an online wellness and fitness guide, where she will be contributing wellness articles on a variety of topics. Coming this fall, she will offer workshops on topics such as how to make meal planning easy, how to combat the winter blues and so much more! Her goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives by encouraging and supporting them to make healthy choices to lead the healthiest life possible! | Facebook | Instagram


Erin Kaufmann is an April 2014 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Erin is a Somatic Therapist with an in-person and online practice, Hey Mind Meet Body, she also teaches Nutrition Research and Biological Chemistry at IHN Vancouver. After graduating IHN, she had big ideas about building her dream business but was overwhelmed with where to start. As an instructor, she sees new graduates going through that same struggle, so she created the program she’d wished for when she was starting out: The Wellness Business Incubator. Erin has been building businesses online and in-person for seven years, and has compiled all the essential pieces into a complete package. It includes business nuts and bolts for a solid foundation– branding, messaging, web copy, professional photoshoot, done-for-you website, and more. There’s individual support for the inevitable issues and concerns that come up – because business and personal growth go hand in hand. And there’s a mastermind community of heart-centred entrepreneurs – to combat isolation and keep the momentum going. She works to take the guesswork out of building business and free up space for clients to do their greatest work. The Wellness Business Incubator is enrolling now for Sept 15, 2017. | Facebook | Instagram |


Erin Levine is an October 2014 Vancouver campus graduate, practicing in Vancouver, BC. Erin is the founder of Erin Levine Nutrition + Wellness, where she offers corporate wellness programs, one-on-one consults, and runs community health workshops. She empowers busy professionals to optimize their health through nutrition and wellness education. Erin is also an instructor at IHN, teaching Nutrition and the Environment and both business-based courses; Professional Practice and Professional Skills Development. She offers a mentorship program called The Holistic Mastermind to help new Nutritionists move into the professional realm with ease and support. This comprehensive three month program mixes mentorship, workshop, and peer support. It provides participants with tangible tasks and skills, propelling them to benchmark goal after goal. The best part is they learn how to integrate business with their passion of holistic health. Her next Holistic Mastermind mentorship program will start September 13, 2017. She is also due to launch her organic, non-toxic skin care company, Canopy, in the coming months. Canopy will be primarily e-commerce and focused on thoughtfully crafted products using naturally powerful ingredients. | Facebook | Instagram


Kerri Cooper is a December 2007 Toronto campus honours graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Kerri is the founder of Roots of Health Meal Delivery – a Toronto based meal delivery service offering nourishing family style meals to individuals and families across Toronto.  Roots of Health Meal Delivery began in 2011 for a small group of Kerri’s nutrition clients, and in 2013, as demand grew, it was launched full time, working out of the community kitchen at The Depanneur. The gluten and dairy free menu changes weekly, featuring food that Kerri always promoted as a nutritionist; nutrient dense, “flavour-FULL” and fiber rich foods including fermented vegetables, 36 hour bone broth, grass-fed poultry and beef, heritage breed Ontario pork, pastured eggs, sustainable fish and organic vegetables. While she works full time in the kitchen now, she still enjoys educating her clients on where their food comes from, telling its story and connecting her customers to the farms, bays and fields the food on her menu come from. She strives to continuously feed her customers the type of food she loves: soulful, nourishing, diverse and creative. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Marlene Marshall is a September 2000 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Markham, ON. Marlene is co-owner of Health House Nutritional Consulting along with Lynne Hinton, specializing in Biotherapeutic Drainage, Live Cell Microscopy, Metabolic Balance and Psychosomatic Energetic Testing. Having been blessed with so many unique forward-thinking mentors, Marlene and Lynne have the passion to carry this knowledge forward to current and future practitioners. They are also the co-owners and Directors of Edison Institute of Nutrition-Training Nutrition Professionals Worldwide! Offering a distance education diploma in holistic nutrition and many continuing education courses including Live Cell Microscopy, The Practitioners Tool Kit Supplement training course and the highly sought after Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner (CHCP) program. Cancer has become an epidemic and many practitioners are expanding their knowledge in this area through the Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner Program (CHCP). This program is offered through distance education via live webinar. If you are interested in increasing your knowledge and comfort level in working with cancer clients join us for the next session starting September 2017. This program like many of our other programs is offered 3 times per year. | | Contact Marlene | Facebook


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