Lesley is a 2012 Mississauga campus graduate, and valedictorian, currently practicing in Montreal, QC. Lesley is a dynamic holistic practitioner focusing on foundational and root cause healing through her business The Holistic Health Genius. She specializes in digestive disorders, female hormones, and fertility. Over the past 8 years, Lesley has worked globally with her clients via her virtual office. Her online presence reaches more than 30,000 people daily. Her main goal is to educate, inspire and motivate others to live a clean life by promoting healthy and clean living choices. Lesley has been involved in the cannabis space for the last three years, making her a pioneer in a fast evolving industry. She teamed up with renowned hemp innovators to create a revolutionary hemp cannabis line of products. Her products truly are in a league of their own, incorporating terpenes and drivers, alongside genuine full spectrum hemp cannabis. As well as her product line, Lesley focuses on educating all individuals on cannabis and health.

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Jen is a Vancouver campus, first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Vancouver, BC. She builds customized meal plans for clients through her own practice, Next Bite Nutrition Coaching. Her plans encompass the mind and body, with fitness recommendations, ways to green the home, clean up beauty products and develop long term healthy eating habits. Her passion for holistic health came after the birth of her son in 2001, when she developed her own line of natural skin care products for babies, called Dimpleskins Naturals, which is now distributed across the country. Jen was inspired to study at IHN after her eyes opened to the power of good nutrition and how we can use food to heal. She teaches wellness and corporate workshops around Vancouver on various health topics, and has had her DIY skin care recipes featured on Global BC, MindBodyGreen.com, and the Wall Street Journal. She plays with ingredients in the pantry to create healthy skin care products that are fun to make, and non-toxic. Jen stays balanced by teaching fitness classes, taking forest walks, and testing new recipes for her children by creatively hiding vegetables in their meals.

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Lotte is a 2014 Mississauga campus graduate, currently living and working in Orangeville, ON.  She is the founder of theMe First Movement, which is a mission is to help women learn to put themselves first. She teaches them how to fuel and move their bodies, and how to nourish their minds, so they recognize the importance of making their health a priority. Prior to studying at IHN and launching the Me First Movement, Lotte was a busy mom with three young boys, who struggled with her weight and balance in her life. With that insight she is able to resonate with thousands of women internationally, providing guidance on how to craft that balance for themselves. When Lotte is not keeping active with her daily morning workout, she raises pastured organic chicken and pork, as well as pasture run eggs on her small family hobby farm.

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Michael is a 2016 Toronto campus graduate, currently practicing in Durham Region, ON. He is the founder of Holistic Living, a private clinical practice. Upon graduation, Michael registered with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP) and is a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP). His passion for health stems from his own experiences battling extreme acne as an adolescent. When the medical approach of harsh facial creams and oral medications brought no relief to his skin issues, he discovered the approaches of the natural health field for dealing with acne, which ended his long and complicated fight with his struggle. His experiences led him to pursue a career in Holistic Nutrition in order to support others trapped on the same rollercoaster of modern medical issues. Michael is a certified Live Cell Analyst, which propelled his practice forward, allowing Michael to support over 100 clients in 2018. In 2017, Michael became the lead nutritionist for Dr. Jonathan Beatty, ND, at Beatty Naturopathic, where he supports Dr. Beatty’s patients with the struggles of implementing difficult dietary and lifestyle changes. He works with and supports a wide variety of health concerns but has a specific passion for skin health and autoimmune disease.

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Dina is a 2016 Mississauga campus, first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Oakville, ON. Dina is the founder of Stay Healthy With Me, her international practice where her focus is in weight management and digestive support. Additional to her IHN studies, Dina also earned a certificate in Iridology. Using these principles, she specializes in one-on-one consultations, helping her clients find the root cause of their health issues. Since starting her practice in 2016, Dina has gained clients in Canada, Dubai, Egypt and Malaysia. Dina is active in the community and has hosted many health and nutrition workshops, including a bath and body care workshop for kids! She is a regular public speaker, most often speaking about health related topics to the Arabic community.

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Caitlin is a 2012 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Saint John, NB. Caitlin is the founder of Nourished by Caitlin Iles, where she coaches clients privately, hosts cooking classes, and runs weekend yoga and wellness retreats. She is a registered yoga teacher and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert. Her focus is on helping women heal their bodies through gentleness, self-compassion, the latest nutrition research, and evolution-based dietary concepts. She helps her clients change their relationships with food to bring their hormones and bodies back into balance. Her one-on-one coaching sessions are customized to get to the root cause of what keeps her clients from achieving their health goals. Creating space for healing at wellness retreats, cooking and yoga classes, and public speaking are her passions. She created a free 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan to help kick start healthy eating habits. You can find her recipes and inspiration on her website and more!

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Brett is a 2006 North York Campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Brett is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist with 15 years of clinical experience. His primary areas of focus include chronic and complex digestive issues, hormone health and autoimmune disease. He was lead faculty at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for 12 years and now works as an IHN Student Clinic Advisor. He sits on the Science Advisory Board for Uforia Science, is the Chief Advising Clinician for The Detox Project and also does product education for Black Oxygen Organics, Mega Food, Botanica Health and Host Defense Mushrooms. His long-running education platform and podcast, Holistic Health Masterclass, is excited to announce a LIVE, in-person 1-day practitioner masterclass – “Digestive Health: The Practitioner’s Guide”. This masterclass teaches practitioners how to properly address and resolve the most common digestive disorders in clinic.  Included in the program is Brett’s 140- page book, which contains in-depth nutrition and functional medicine protocols based on 15 years of clinical practice. In addition to numerous other tools on offer, students will have access to the recordings and Brett’s mentorship platform after the event.

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Amber is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Collingwood, ON. Upon graduation, Amber began studying with The Modern Mystery School where she discovered her deeper passion for serving others. Amber became a Life Activation Practitioner and Healer in the Lineage of King Solomon. Using her knowledge of Holistic Nutrition and the ancient wisdom passed down from The Modern Mystery School, Amber helps to empower her clients to live a life full of health, joy and passion by connecting the physical and spiritual realms. Amber believes that as a healer she does not heal anyone. She provides the tools and the space for others to heal themselves. Amber encourages others to create their own life and to rewrite the story that has been created for them. She is also convinced that everyone has a desire to dance but many fear judgement which is why she is a co-facilitator for ecstatic dance classes in her area to help push people past their comfort zones and find joy while doing it.

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Kelly is a 2015 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of My Organic Heart, her private clinical practice, and runs the nutrition program at One Health Clubs in both Mississauga and Oakville. Upon graduation, Kelly registered with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) and is a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) as well as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP). At a young age, Kelly recognized the importance of health and wellbeing; it had a different meaning to each and every individual. Through her education, she discovered a new passion for health and nutrition. Kelly began her education at the University of Guelph, and after receiving her bachelors of applied science in Human Nutrition she went on to further study at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Kelly launched her website in 2018, where she offers online nutrition services including consultations and meal plans. She also works with corporate teams on developing personalized wellness programs to improve wellness in the workplace.

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Dina is a 2015 Mississauga campus honours graduate, currently practicing in Oakville, ON. In 2015, Dina launched her practice, Sh Dina Heath & Wellness, and was able to help clients make healthy life changes. She started her practice in Oakville, as well as an online clinic, using her own website. Dina has a focus in eating disorders and weight loss. In her practice she has many clients overseas and does most of her consultations through Skype. She believes that a smile and positive energy are the key to every locked door in the whole world. Dina loves to educate and inspire people, and has been able to lead nutrition sessions at several schools in the Halton school board and community centres. She hosted an Arabic nutrition radio show for a Canadian multicultural radio on FM 101.3. This is the first Arabic nutritional show in Canada that addresses Middle-Eastern immigrants living in Canada. She contributed and hosted the ‘Healthy Steps’ segments for the show, where she provided her audience with a variety of nutrition programs that promote the ideal steps for individual health and well-being.

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