Jillian Cecile Maierhofer is the founder of Jillian Cecile, where she is a high-performance holistic mentor for ambitious women dealing with chronic disease. Jillian’s Wholly Hell I’m Well program, born of her own experiences, is instrumental in changing the lives of her clients. She challenges clients to take responsibility for their health and see their life as a journey to create a powerful, original story.

Nathalie Niddam applies nutrition and epigenetic coaching as a biohacker for superhuman performance. She is the founder of, Nat Niddam, where she develops bio-individual and adaptive optimization programs based on her clients’ unique health profiles. Nathalie runs longevity and resilience intensive retreats, and hosts a podcast covering the latest research on human potential and data-driven healthtech.

Hanaa Mustapha offers nutritional consulting, nutritional makeovers, and meal planning through her company, Hana Holistic Nutrition Counselling. Hanaa’s clients come to her for support over a wide breadth of conditions, with some of her focuses being natural acne treatment, plant-based brain health, a holistic approach to ADHD, pre-diabetes reversal, stress and anxiety, female support, and heart health.

Ashleigh Norris is the founder of The Soulful Sprout, where she utilizes functional nutrition to aid busy women. Her focus is to balance their hormones and improve their gut health, so they have more energy, can regain their health, and feel like themselves again. Ashleigh offers 1:1 personalized support, an 8 week community-based healing program, a self-paced online course, and an academy for practitioners.

Sharon Fong is the co-founder of, Whole Hearted Food, providing a wide variety of nutritional consulting packages for individuals and groups, ranging from achieving a confident summer body, to nutritional meal plans for the whole family. Sharon is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, running laughter yoga workshops, chocolate meditations, essential oil parties, and community and corporate seminars.

Leslie Rubinoff uses a non sugar coated, no bs, approach to optimal wellness. Her company and practice, The Holistic Health Genius, offers a 30 day detox. She also applies several modalities in her consulting services, is a medical cannabis educator and has created a one-of-a-kind, unique CBD blend. She works in autoimmune, hormones, weight loss, diabetes, addictions and is a plant-based enthusiast.

Erin Milks is the in-house holistic nutritionist at the The Clara Clinic, and the founder of Good Germs. Her clinical practice is focused on using customized nutrition plans and lifestyle adjustments to restore proper digestion, energy production and cognitive function for you to feel your best. Erin also offers 7 day meals plans catered for you, and 12 week 1-on-1 programs tailored towards achieving deep healing.

Nora Debora is a Preconception Health Coach, Holistic Nutrition, and Fertility Awareness Practitioner. Through her company, Naturally Nora, she helps women and couples naturally prepare for pregnancy and have a healthy baby through her 3 month long Master Your Cycle To Get Pregnant Program which creates a healthier environment for conception to occur, along with her 14 day fertility cleanse.

Irina Poli is the founder of Healing With Irina, where she works with both individuals and groups through 1-on-1 sessions and workshops covering nutrition consultations, wellness coaching, holistic cooking, fitness training, and yoga sessions. Irina’s focus is not just healing others, but educating them on how to live the healthiest life possible and that every person has the power inside them to make positive change.

Charmaine Kong combines the ancient wisdom of astrology with evidence-informed nutritional practices to guide girls and women in healing their menstrual cycle and balancing their hormones. Through her practice, Holistically Charmed, Charmaine focuses on intuitive eating habits that promote balance and moderation to empower those who have lost a relationship with their menstrual cycle.

Kerri Cooper is the co-owner of Roots Kitchen, a meal delivery service providing high quality, delicious and soulful meals to their customers throughout Toronto, Belleville, and Prince Edward County. Delicious meals are cooked in small batches, using ingredients purchased from farmers, butchers, and food suppliers they know and trust. Their goal is to reconnect people to one another over a shared meal.

Chelsea De Colle is the founder of Chelsea De Colle Nutrition + Wellness, is the culmination of her personal healing journey and her motivation to bring awareness, education and support to those around her. Chelsea provides one-on-one coaching, corporate wellness and workshops, meal planning, grocery store tours, and in-home meal prep and cooking classes to lead her clients towards living a holistic lifestyle.

Maya Eid specializes in working with those seeking to improve their relationship with food, digestive health, female hormonal rebalances, and sports nutrition for athletes. As part of her company, Maya Eid, Maya offers 1-on-1 coaching, and runs a self-paced program designed to aid in moving beyond trendy diets, body stress, and food guilt to build a sustainable way to nourish oneself and build self-confidence.

Toni Pigeon is the founder of River Of Health, where she focuses on finding natural solutions for allergy-type symptoms, and aiding those with environmental and food intolerances. She does this by using symptomatology, iridology, and biofeedback analysis testing to normalize her clients’ bodies, so they can build on their innate ability to heal themselves, and restore the joyous quality of the health they deserve.

Marie-Therese Langlotz runs a comprehensive online course through her company, Soulistic Endeavor, that enables individuals to become their own healers in recovering from past trauma, limiting beliefs and chronic pain. Marie-Therese also runs yoga classes, workshops, talks, and offers private coaching rooted in Trauma-Informed Care and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan.