Joy McCarthy is an October 2009 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, Ontario. Joy is the author of Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well, Toronto’s first integrated nutrition and yoga program. During her recent media appearance on Your Morning, Joy shared with viewers how edible flowers are a great way to turn a ho-hum salad into something really special. On the menu for the show were, Anise Hyssop, Roses, Carnations, Marigold and Bee Balm. Not only did Joy educate the viewers about the taste undertones of these beautiful foods, but also the many health benefits. | Facebook | Blog



Rebecca is an October 2014 Vancouver campus graduate currently practicing in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Before becoming a CNP and Chartered Herbalist, and launching Sollus Wellness, Rebecca spent over a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry with her Biochemistry degree, which she finds to be a great advantage. She often found herself learning from and working with medical doctors, while seeking out holistic approaches for her own health concerns. Her education and experience have provided a strong foundation for an evidence-based practice. Rebecca’s areas of special interest are centered on allergy and inflammation. While she continues to work with clients on various health concerns and goals, her primary aim is to help parents-to-be and new parents reduce the chances of their children developing allergies, and to help adults heal from food allergies/sensitivities and the health consequences involved in dealing with allergy and inflammation. In Rebecca’s recent blog post, she discusses if Candida can cause allergies. | Facebook | Instagram | Blog



Shaun is an October 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia. In Shaun’s early years he was plagued by poor nutrition and a stressful desk job. In an attempt to combat the effects of the stress and poor eating, he tried to compensate with overworking himself at the gym, which led to multiple injuries. Shaun’s own personal experience with chronic injury, fatigue and digestive distress has not been without reward. It has offered him valuable insight and experience which he draws upon in helping people from all around the world in managing their own pain and inflammation, improving their energy and promoting total body wellness through food. Shaun writes a regular blog which can be found on his Nutrishaun website. His latest post, “It’s Time for a Change,” addresses weight, skin, aches and pains, as well as other health issues directly with food. | Blog | Facebook | Twitter



Melissa is an October 2006 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, Ontario. Melissa takes the “high-heeled approach” to health. Melissa’s Sexy Food Therapy Inc. provides people feel sexy from the inside out with holistic nutrition and Chinese Medicine. She doesn’t believe that getting healthy should be confusing, boring or stressful. She comes from the fast-paced corporate world, previously working as an Ad Exec, so she understands the daily work schedule struggle. Melissa suffered for years with a gluten sensitivity that wreaked havoc on her digestive system. She almost died when she had to have an emergency surgery to remove a ruptured cyst. But she came back, with a major butt-kicking drive to get healthy. Melissa believes that getting healthy should be fun, exciting and empowering. In a recent video post Melissa gives us the natural way to prepare and recover from a hysterectomy. She teaches us what supplements to avoid pre-surgery as well as what to do post-op in order to recover quickly. | Facebook | Instagram | You Tube



Monica is an October 2012 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, Ontario. This year she has expanded on her offerings (again!) by becoming a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. This knowledge along with her Reiki, Yoga and Life Coach training fuses her expertise in a comprehensive and holistic approach to sexual healing. Coming this September, Monica is excited to launch her new course, “Vajedi Training For Women: Awakening the Sexual Life Force Within”, a 5-week women’s health and pleasure program, run with fellow sex educator, Viktoria Kalenteris. Topics to be covered include: nutrition for vaginal + hormonal health, pelvic floor exercises, discussing sexual needs + boundaries, healthy toys + lubes and much more. Monica is passionate about holding safe space for clients to explore, play, heal, and integrate sex with body/mind/spirit. | Facebook | LinkedIn



Sondi is an April 2012 Vancouver campus graduate currently practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia. After a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease at 18 and the ensuing 8 year battle with the disease, Sondi finally sought relief through an ND. Her diet was turned upside down and Sondi discovered wellness meant more than prescriptions. A connection was made between the food she was eating and the symptoms of the disease and a passion for health, nutrition and food was born. She left her career in journalism and marketing to pursue her education at IHN. She now helps clients who need to follow allergen-friendly diets learn how to eat well in a simple and delicious way, offering them the tools they can use to facilitate their own wellness and healing. In addition to her private practice, Sondi is also a freelance writer and food blogger. | Blog | Facebook



Linda is an October 2011 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, Ontario. In 2012, she achieved her homeopathic diploma. Because detoxification is such an integral part of achieving optimal wellness, Linda’s expertise lies in this area. By identifying your individual deficiencies and excesses, Linda assists her clients with painless yet effective individual detoxification programs. She treats people of all ages as well as their animal companions. In Linda’s second year of homeopathic training she successfully assisted individuals with endocrine imbalances, anxiety and a canine client with aging issues! At the King West Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, where Linda practices, they will be holding a Thermographic Clinic Day on September 15, 2016. Thermography is used as an early detection tool and you may choose a full body ($375), breast area ($275), or other focused area scan. The clinic is reserving thermographic scan appointments. You can call 905.773.2225 to book. |



Caroline is an April 2015 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, Ontario. Caroline is a champion of accessible, fun and sustainable ways to help clients live a healthy and thriving life. She launched Real Life Revolution to offer holistic education, empowerment and transformation. From an early age, after a serious back injury sidelined her active life, she struggled with her weight. An obese teenager and adult, she knows the feelings of shame and health struggles that can come from being overweight. A health crisis several years ago led to a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, which was the start of her own wellness journey. Today her Crohn’s is managed without medication; she has lost well over 100 pounds, and has run a half marathon. Her transformation and ongoing wellness journey inspired her to help others with similar struggles. Caroline now provides clients with nutrition, self-care and fitness tools to overcome health challenges and embrace a full and vibrant life. | | Facebook | Instagram



Sharlene is an August 2011 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Niagara, Ontario. She is a registered yoga and meditation teacher. Sharlene opened her clinical practice in 2012 in St. Catharines and welcomed a naturopathic doctor and osteopath to work under her company PURE Natural Health and Wellness. Together with a naturopathic doctor, she created a 6 week group cleanse program for women. After running the program for numerous public and corporate groups, she enhanced the program to become an 8 week online lifestyle transformation program. The Art of Living From Inside Out is an 8-week online program that teaches simple but life altering techniques to fuel your health, relationships, life and higher purpose. It’s a complete transformational curriculum of weekly video modules covering everything from nutrition and detoxification to stress management, meditation, relationships, igniting your sexual goddess and so much more. | Facebook | Blog



Mark is an October 2012 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, Ontario. Mark is a board-certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach, with recipes published in several top-selling cookbooks. GoodLife Fitness has awarded him as the region’s “#1 Personal Trainer of the Year 2014”. Since then he has continued to win awards as both a personal trainer and in physique competitions. Mark has gained a solid reputation in the health, nutrition and fitness industry by leading, training and inspiring his clients to lose fat, gain lean muscle, and learn how to implement a permanent healthy lifestyle to maintain hard-earned health goals and to achieve success in every area of life. One of Mark’s most well-known specialties is coaching clients to better manage chronic illness through clinical nutrition, wellness coaching and individualized personal training. All that he has learned was inspired by those he loves and those that could not find relief through allopathic methods. | | Facebook | Instagram



Lauren is an October 2013 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, Ontario. After discovering a healthful approach to staying healthy and fit, Lauren found a method that stuck with her after many years of unsuccessful dieting. The more Lauren learned about food, health and fitness, the more she wanted to learn. Ready for a career change, Lauren became a personal trainer and enrolled at IHN. During all these changes, she never lost her sweet tooth. Lauren combined her passions, baking and health and created Shockingly Healthy BrowniesTM. Her aim is to create the healthiest desserts on the planet, that meet the standards of any dessert lover; health-enthusiast or not. She also avoids gluten and animal ingredients, as well as unhealthy fats, preservatives, and chemicals. Lauren shares many recipes through her website and has recently released the recipe for “The Lazy Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Sundae.” | Facebook | Blog



Rachelle is an April 2012 Vancouver campus graduate currently practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia. With over 10 years in the field Rachelle has masterfully crafted immersions programs colliding her passions of teaching, nutrition, cooking, and personal development to launch Beyond Nourished. She has been teaching Holistic Food Preparation there since early 2012. Yoga is also a huge part of her life!. She obtained her 200-hour certification in Yoga from The Yandara Yoga Academy in Baja, Mexico in 2008. Rachelle currently is traveling the globe working as a Holistic Private Chef for a multi-million dollar marketing company, is continually building and designing recipes that are added to the custom e-cookbook platform creator she designed and facilitating the immersion weekends. Lauren’s company, Beyond Nourished, is holding a “Confidence in the Kitchen Retreat” on August 25 – 28 in Whistler, BC, which aims to focus on nutrition, empowerment and wellness. | Facebook


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