Geazul is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Oakville, ON. She is founder and pastry chef of Sweet Nutritionista, her organic, plant based, nut and gluten free holistic bakeshop. Prior to life as a nutritionist, Geazul had graduated from University of Waterloo as a Kinesiologist with a Human Nutrition minor, realizing that she wanted to pursued a more holistic approach she went back to school for Holistic Nutrition to further her knowledge and improve her and her family’s health. While at IHN Geazul discovered that there was more than one way to be a practitioner and help improve health, so she decided to focus on teaching others how to cook for their dietary restrictions. Geazul furthered her education at Humber College and become a Pastry Chef in order to meet her clients needs and launched her own business soon after. Sweet Nutritionista does deliveries, catering and can be found at different events around the GTA and some of the products can be found at cafes in the area.

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Alona is a 2015 Toronto campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of Wild Healthy & Glowing, offering 1:1 private nutritional consultation services. Alona focuses with her clients on optimized nutrition and creates individualized protocols to get them to their goals. She provides evidence based and practical solutions to each client in a fun, straightforward and attainable manner using her education from IHN, experience and continuous education. She also works at Newtopia, a disease prevention tech company, as a health coach and manages a team of 10. Newtopia works closely with organizations and their employees to deliver highly personalized and targeted disease prevention solutions that are proven to reduce employer healthcare costs. Newtopia gains a deep understanding of each employee through a unique combination of genetic testing, personality-matched coaching and smart technology, and then inspires at-risk employees to achieve, and sustain, healthier lifestyles. Many IHN graduates work alongside her at Newtopia. Alona specializes in holistic weight loss, stress management and diabetes prevention.

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Shannon is a 2016 Vancouver campus graduate, currently practicing in Courtenay, BC. She is the founder of Whole Health Family Wellness, where she provides programs and resources that focus on teaching children nutrition. Shannon is the creator of the “Mindful Meals” Placemat, which was created to encourage kids to slow down and pay attention to the food they eat. After volunteering at Huband Park Elementary with the Salad Bar program for a year, Shannon took it over and made it her mission to get kids more connected to their food. She grew the program to be the largest elementary school salad bar program across Canada. In the process of trying to find a way to get the kids to be more mindful of the amount of food that was being wasted, she created the “Mindful Meals” placemat. As a local mom with a passion for all kids to have nutritional education, she believes this placemat can be used as a tool and great conversation piece at the dinner table and school lunch hours.  Shannon strongly believes we need to teach our kids how to connect to their food by slowing down, practicing gratitude and using all their senses to fully enjoy their food. When we create a healthy relationship with food, we also create a healthy relationship with our families, our communities and Mother Earth.

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Nicole is a 2016 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is a Therapeutic Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Educator and Iridologist with her own practice, Nicole Di Nardo Nutrition, where she focuses on a balanced approach to nutrition. With her culinary background, she teaches about healthy food from an exciting point of view. Nicole offers in-home as well as group cooking classes and creates unique customized recipes and meal plans to treat the individual. She believes Food is transformational. Nicole is the in house nutritionist for Nicoletta Bonafede MD’s cardiology clinic, specializing in heart health nutrition focusing on increasing healthy fats in the diet. Nicole is also a current IHN faculty member, teaching Symptomatology part 1 and Comparative Diets at the North York & Mississauga campuses. In January 2020, Nicole is excited to kick off her classes, teaching her popular Gluten Free Pasta Making class in Toronto! Learn how to use ingredients like chickpeas and quinoa to recreate delicious traditional Italian dishes! Connect with Nicole to sign up, and visit her website to see her full range of upcoming classes. | Facebook | Instagram


Allanah is a 2012 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working from Brampton, ON. She is the founder and formulator of Dermis by Tropho, a botanically based bath and body care line. Additional to the signature Dermis by Tropho line of products like soap, bath bombs, body butters, etc, Allanah also formulates custom products for specific conditions, and creates unique gifts for custom orders. She has been passionate about safe and simple skincare for years after her own struggles to find products that were effective and safe for our bodies, as well as our environment. Since graduating from IHN, Allanah has been involved in years of post graduate studies in the areas of Herbal Medicine, Advanced Herbal Therapeutics, and Herbal Pharmacology. She has been working alongside IHN faculty and Registered Herbalist Susan Elliotson as a Formulation & Cultivation Assistant since 2014. Additional to these endeavours, Allanah has also been working as part of IHN Administration team since 2013, primarily in the role of Academic Advisor at the Mississauga Campus. In 2020, Allanah is excited to start offering Do It Yourself Workshops in Brampton and surrounding areas, teaching others how to easily create their own bath and body care products. If you are interested in hosting a private class, Allanah can customize any class to suit any groups needs! | Instagram | Facebook


Eva is a 2015 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working in Brampton, ON. Sha is the founder of Eva Wellness, where she teaches clients about the importance of combining physical movement, nutrition and nourishing the spirit to achieve overall wellness. Prior to IHN, Eva traveled and worked internationally, learning skills and earning credentials in personal training, Salsa dancing, yoga, Thai massage and Eastern Herbalism. Upon graduation from IHN, Eva packed her bags and left for Thailand, where she operated the Wellness House. Clients came to stay and take part in wellness retreats, which include Detox and Nutrition programs as well as Yoga, Fitness and Dance classes. Although she was located in Thailand, Eva had international clients that she consulted via Skype. After a few years she began to miss living in Canada, and recently moved back earlier in 2019. Using her educational background in personal training, Eva is excited to be teaching her own Sexy Dance Class, which is a confidence building fusion of dance and exercise. Her classes are held at A1 Fitness Studio in Brampton, every Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Eva encourages everyone (of all genders and ages) to join in on this fun class!

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Tara is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of Rawcology, a raw and vegan snack line featuring dehydrated and delicious superfoods. Prior to IHN, Tara spent several years developing a career in corporate communications, but eventually anxiety, fatigue, and a lack of excitement for what the future held replaced her once strong passions. She knew she had to make a change and began to look into holistic ways to heal. Tara went on to become certified in Culinary Nutrition and a Certified Raw Food Teacher, and then attended IHN. With Rawcology, she first created a plant-based community offering recipe development, nutritional consultations, culinary classes and natural, organic foods for all types of eaters. With her culinary background, she became a Culinary Instructor at George Brown College’s Centre for Culinary Arts, where she then developed and taught the school’s first ever Raw Vegan Food course and Vegetarian Culinary Arts II program. When Tara is not running Rawcology and busy in the kitchen, she likes to spend as much time as possible outdoors in High Park, at the cottage, or on an adventure with her husband.

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Seta is a 2000 North York campus graduate, currently living in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of Seta Wellness and Skin Clinic, where she provides nutritional counselling as well as esthetician services. When Seta was 17 years old, she knew she wanted to study and work as and esthetician, so when she turned 19, she went to Paris, France to study. It wasn’t until years into her studies while learning Anatomy and Physiology that she realized her body was not functioning as well as it could be. She returned to Canada, intent on continuing her education, and then graduated from IHN. Today, her business is all about providing quality care for her clients both inside and outside. From analyzing her clients skin and products they use, to education, to providing customized treatments like facials, she has been incredibly passionate about the skin for close to 20 years! Seta welcomes new clients to her lovely Rosedale clinic, and is excited to continue to offer exclusive monthly promotions in 2020!

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