Heather Woodruff works with women dealing with chronic gut issues, or irritable bowel syndrome to bring them from a place of managing their digestive issues, to actually giving their body the support it needs to heal. Through her business, Heather Woodruff Nutrition, she provides private 1-on-1 IBS coaching, a membership combining the GAPS protocol and mind-body healing, and a 21-day gut program.

Sabrina Koleoglou is the founder of Turnip the Beets, where she works with individuals, optimizing their physical, mental, and environmental levels of health. Utilizing nutrition, supplementation, movement, and herbal remedies, Sabrina offers multiple packages to provide a healthy foundation, transform one’s health, and move towards optimal wellness. She offers custom meal, detox, and fitness plans.

Angela Wright runs 1:1 personal consultations, corporate and community speaking events and workshops as well as 1:1 mentorship sessions for new practitioners. She enjoys media and brand partnerships through her business, Align Nutrition. Abiding by her principles of educating, enlightening, and empowering, she specializes in overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, digestion, cancer, and hormonal issues.