Meha is a 2014 North York campus graduate, currently living in Toronto, ON. Prior to IHN, Meha graduated with an International Business degree with a concentration in Marketing and Trade from Carleton University, which helped position her as a marketer in the natural health industry. She is currently the Marketing Manager at Garden of Life Canada, managing the national marketing strategy and execution for a very rapidly growing supplement company and works closely with the marketing team in the Florida head office. Prior to Garden of Life, Meha worked at Innovite Health and also at the Loblaw Companies Limited Headquarters in their Health & Wellness marketing department. In addition to her full-time job, Meha founded and runs an e-commerce site for carefully curated green beauty products called KindBird Beauty | Website | Instagram


Jessica is a 2015 Mississauga campus graduate, currently seeing clients in Erin, ON at Exhale Academy or in client’s homes. After moving to Fergus 18 months ago Jessica started up her business Grand River Oils. This allows Jessica to serve her community and beyond with hemp CBD isolate. Hemp CBD is very low in THC and does not create a “high”. Jessica has seen an amazing response to this product. It is helping clients with mental health, autoimmune, neurological conditions and more. Jessica uses CBD oil daily with great improvements in anxiety, diverticulitis and immune system strengthening. She also carries essential oils which Jessica also recommends and uses daily herself. Jessica has a background in working with exceptional children with Autism, ADHD and behavioural issues and hopes to help some of this population through nutrition and supplements including CBD oil in the near future. Jessica also has a keen interest in helping those with mental health issues. | 416.427.3363 | Instagram


Jane Durst Pulkys is a 2005 North York campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. Jane’s first endeavour in nutrition was earning a degree in Nutrition in 1981. She had a private practice and went back to study Holistic Nutrition from IHN in 2005. She quickly became a frequent guest on TV and radio and is an author of the book titled The Book on Confidence, Standing Tall on the Inside. She is a frequent speaker for fortune 500 companies and was introduced to Metabolic Balance in 2013. So far, she has helped close to 600 clients lose over 15,000 pounds! Jane has created three on line courses and her latest is called The Holistic Entrepreneur, which teaches how new graduates can create a very successful business for themselves, to be released Nov 15th. She is the sole license holder for Metabolic Balance in Hong Kong, and she travels extensively back and forth at the same time maintaining all of her clients. She is the mother of three grown children and a grandmother of two. Metabolic Balance has changed her life and she is always eager to share secrets to success!

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Nahid is a 2010 Mississauga campus graduate, currently located in Mississauga, ON. Nahid is the founder of Conscious Health – a company that reaches health enthusiasts globally through its online and social media presence. Nahid is also an Ayurvedic Counselor, Blogger, Workshop Facilitator and Holistic Culinary Expert. Nahid has been interviewed regarding holistic health by multiple Canadian networks such as the Asian Television Network, Rogers TV, and CBC Radio. Her passion for Herbal Medicine made her pursue the Clinical Herbalist Program. In the past three years Nahid has been more focused in seeing one on one clients and strengthening her clinical practice. This journey has led to see clients in Canada, USA, UK, Bangladesh and Australia obtained through online presence and word of mouth. Nahid is now offering Health Consultation through skype, a clinic in Etobicoke, and her private practice in Mississauga. All IHN students and graduates will get a special discount between March – June 2019! This includes a complete one on one health consultation – intake, observation, clinical examinations and tests (non-invasive). The therapy will include simple dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations and a herbal medicine protocol that is relevant to your conditions. | Website | Instagram


Naomi is a 2017 Mississauga campus graduate, currently working in Caledon, ON. Naomi has a Bachelor of Nursing degree from York University and is a Registered Nurse. She has a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Waterloo and has taken three herbal certificate courses through Herbal Academy. Naomi is the founder of Bloom Naturally and Pacha Mama Body Care. Bloom Naturally is a nutrition consulting business that focuses on optimizing women’s and their partner’s health to develop a foundation of health so they are in the best place possible when trying to conceive. Naomi specializes in preconception, prenatal and pregnancy nutrition. She has worked for over ten years with women and has seen the impact optimal nutrition can have on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health of a women during her journey to motherhood. Pacha Mama Body Care is an organic herbal body care company that aims to connect people to the healing powers of plants. Naomi grows many of the herbs used in her products on her one acre property in Caledon.

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Christi Casciaro is a 2017 Mississauga campus, first class honours graduate, currently located in Hamilton, ON. Christi has always had a passion for Eco Conscious Living and it’s event in her day to day life. Her company Eco Mama has sold products such as Cloth Diapers and Essential Oils but her real passion is sustainable living. She spends her summers working on her backyard urban (mini) farm and her winters creating delicious dried soup mixes in Eco Friendly Containers. Just recently she has signed a membership contract with The Kitchen Collective in Hamilton which is a not for profit shared kitchen space so that she can market these soups to the greater public. As a Mother of three little girls she knows how important it is to get nutrient dense healthy food on the table in a cost-effective way. With each soup sale Christi is allocating a portion of the sales to a local CalmUnity Food Share so other kids in the community can go to school with Healthy lunches of their own. This food share sets up each and every week in rain, shine, snow or ice to feed as many as 80 family’s each week. Creating community and providing inexpensive healthy food is a passion for Christi. She hopes to continue to grow these soups sales so that she can help to feed even more people with the proceeds.  

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Matthew is a 2017 Mississauga campus Honours graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. Matthew is the founder of DallaTerra Nutrition and has a tremendous passion in caring and helping people on both a physical and emotional level.Matthew seeks to ensure that everyone leads the most satisfying and optimal life they can. Matthew has worked as a Product Supplement advisor in a well know health store since 2015. During his time in this role he developed a broad client base which trusted Matthew time and time again for expert and honest advice and guidance on products best suited for their particular needs. In January 2019 Matthew commenced a new career at the recently launched HealthOne Clinic in downtown Toronto. His role as a Health Advocate in the “health hub” includes not only providing advice on supplements, but also providing knowledge and insight on new and exciting health technologies and equipment. Matthew will be responsible for holding workshops and client information sessions on all these technologies. The clinic also includes various health professionals in which Matthew collaborates with to refer clients for consultations on a variety of health matters. He is excited about his new career and the prospects of gaining further insight on opportunities in the leading edge technology health care sector.

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