Saida is a 2016 North York campus first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Sauble Beach, ON. She is the founder of the Wellness Refinery, a seasonal smoothie bar, wellness café and lifestyle boutique. Inspired by her own healing journey, she created a space that provides a multitude of assets essential to living a whole and beautiful life. Saida’s personal challenges with mental health, chronic fatigue and eating disorder recovery are what continuously drive her towards supporting the healing of those around her. These experiences have taught her that the body has an innate ability to heal when we choose to listen, and she is dedicated to inspiring and guiding others on their wellness journey. She uses a multifaceted and uniquely tailored approach with each client, focusing on functional nutrition, intuitive nourishment, fitness and mind-body awareness. She works with clients through Health Upgraded, a functional medicine practice catered towards upgrading the health and performance of entrepreneurs, executives and athletes. Saida is a Life Coach through the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer. The Wellness Refinery will be opening for their third season this coming May and is currently looking for passionate nutritionists to join the team! Please feel free to reach out to for more information on Co-op and job opportunities.

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Amera is a 2013 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Mississauga, ON.  She is the founder of Nutrition Blooms, a nutritional consultancy specializing in prenatal health and fertility. Nutrition Blooms is a multi-layered business, also providing content creation and product/food photography for wellness brands. After taking her practice online, Amera found a passion in food photography and digital marketing. She uses this passion to help spread awareness about new health brands with eco-friendly production practices using clean and whole food ingredients. She is a Digital Account executive with Vista Magazine, a reputable Canadian wellness magazine in publication over 20 years. She is the Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager for Good Food for Good (GFFG), a Toronto-based social enterprise committed to making a difference, one meal at a time. GFFG products are made with organic whole food ingredients. Every time you buy a GFFG product, they donate a meal to feed someone in need. The products satisfy a variety of dietary choices including keto, whole 30, vegan, paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free diets.

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Lisa is a 2010 North York campus honours graduate, currently practicing in Durham Region, ON. She is the founder of Live in Motion, a health and wellness based company. Lisa utilizes a combination of exercise, nutrition and yoga to help her clients reach their health and wellness goals. Lisa has been operating her company for 20 years, providing corporate fitness programs, cooking classes, holistic nutrition, one on one personal training and small group fitness training. Lisa is currently studying at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for her acupuncture licence. She earned her diploma from Seneca College in Fitness Leadership as well as a second Diploma in Recreation and Leisure from Centennial College. Upon graduating, she moved into the position of Fitness Supervisor with the City of Pickering. Lisa’s passion for fitness training lead her to a position with the Department of National Defense as Military Fitness Instructor. Thereafter she explored a variety of roles in the fitness and health industry including Fitness and Recreation Director of a large Toronto based community recreation centre and was a top personal trainer with one of Canada’s leading fitness club chains.

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Nehal is a 2017 North York graduate, currently practicing between Toronto, ON and Cairo, Egypt. She is the founder of Get Nourished by Nehal, an online community to raise awareness on healthy living and how to nourish the mind, body and soul in the process. Her vision is to empower busy individuals to balance their lifestyle, learn simple steps to eat healthier, exercise, ease digestion, meditate, lose weight and feel great.  She has a signature online program, called ‘6 Weeks to Vibrant Health’, teaching women to eat healthy, meal prep, exercise at home and practice a self-care routine. As part of her vision, Nehal hosts corporate and public wellness workshops and lectures in her free time. Nehal recently hosted a lecture at the Child Expo, the largest educational conference in Egypt and discussed the effect of children’s nutrition on health and behavior. Her clinical practice is focused on weight loss and digestion. Nehal is passionate about the holistic approach she learned at the IHN and continues to share it with her online community. She has been nominated as a speaker in the Self-Achievement Network group and will be interviewed to share her journey on how she shifted her career from dentistry and higher education to pursue her passion for holistic nutrition and wellness.

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Lauren is a 2015 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the CEO of Heart Fitness Pro, a Health Coach, Life Strategist and a bestselling author of “11 Ways You Are Limiting Yourself”. With her work at Heart Fitness Pro, Lauren shows people how to create the health, body composition and confidence they want through health, fitness and nutrition. Her newest initiative offers a body type quiz for people to receive a free success plan to get the abs they want and offers a program to those who are seriously committed to results, called ‘6 Pack Pro’, which uses 6 minute core interval workouts and nutrition to get results, plus, adding in long term support through a monthly Fit Motivation membership giving new workouts, recipes and webinars each month. As a Coach and Life Strategist, Lauren shows people how to create the successful life they’ve always wanted and break through limiting beliefs to embrace their greatness, focusing on creating a supportive mindset, and taking healthy action in their life. She has seen time and time again how caring about nutrition, health, and fitness acts as a gateway to deep emotional change allowing people to discover their own self-worth.

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Joshua is a 2015 North York Campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. He is the president of Heart Fitness Pro, a company he owns with his wife Lauren. Heart Fitness Pro provides fitness, nutrition and mindset services in person and online. Joshua is a best-selling amazon author with his book “11 ways you are limiting yourself”. Josh and Lauren have also written “The Loving Partner Journal”, a gratitude and appreciation journal to help couples to connect on a deeper level. He is sponsoring a Basic Psych-K workshop at the IHN North York Campus from March 13-15. He has found Psych-K invaluable in helping not only his clients but also himself take his health and business to the next level. He first learned about Psych-K at IHN in course readings when Bruce Lipton recommends it in his book, “Biology of Belief”. Psych-K has been the perfect complement to his work as a CNP, helping so many of his nutrition clients get results faster by moving past the mental blocks and bad habits that were holding back their results.

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Tahlia is a 2015 Vancouver campus graduate, currently practicing in Vancouver and New Westminster, BC. She is the co-founder of Healing House Natural Wellness, an integrative wellness clinic in New Westminster. Through her journey to reclaim her health, Tahlia dreamed to create a space where clients could be supported on their wellness journey by multiply natural modalities by bringing together like-minded practitioners. Tahlia is no stranger to sub-optimal health, as she has overcome a few health crises: weight-loss, body image issues, stomach ulcer, heartburn, celiac disease, alopecia, arthritis, candida overgrowth and adrenal fatigue. Her health is what inspired her to study at IHN; she learned that the body has an amazing ability to heal when the cells in the body are given the nutrients they need to rebuild and repair. She believes that no one should be stuck in the pain of struggling to survive their symptoms. Instead, everyone deserves to live in a body that is designed to feel vibrant and alive. Tahlia curates the nutrition and wellness segment at Finlandia Blog and teaches three courses at IHN Vancouver: Nutrition & Health: The Fundamentals, Nutritional Symptomatology and Nutrition through the Lifespan.



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