Valentina Veiluva is the founder of ViviWell Nutrition, where she and her team provide in-home meal prep services for busy professionals and families in the Vancouver area. She also does catering for small events, office lunches, and private parties. All of Valentina’s meal plans are personalized to take into account her clients’ specific nutritional needs and their budgets to create an optimal culinary experience.

Nancy Majoulian conducts 1-on-1 nutritional consultations, and for over 8 years, has run virtual and in-person health and wellness workshop experiences across North America within the private and public sectors. These workshops, offered through her business, Gaia LifeForce, cover topics from brain health, fatigue, immune health, energy, mood, healthy habits, circadian rhythms and more.

Rebecca Douglas produces in-depth meal plans so they can work towards their health goals while simplifying their grocery shopping and saving them time in the kitchen. Included are group plans for families, grocery and pantry lists, easy-to-follow recipes, and nutritional plans. Upcoming offerings for her business, Rebecca Douglas Nutrition, include pantry workshops and in-home kitchen consults.