Jozef is an October 2013 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. A retired medical doctor, Jozef is now the founder of Eco Health and Wellness, a holistic health centre. On January 4, 2017, the Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine announced that Dr. Jozef Krop has been selected as one of the winners of the Dr. Rogers Prize Groundbreaker Awards. He is one of five Canadian leaders in health care that have been selected by an international jury in recognition of their lifetime of dedication to patient care, often in the face of adversity. Each recipient will receive a cash award of $50,000 at a Gala Award Dinner to be held at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto on Friday, February 24, 2017. Jozef has been considered a leader in complementary and environmental medicine for over 30 years and has over 35 years’ experience in working with individuals with complex health issues and restoring their wellbeing. An advocate for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, his former medical practice was used by the Ontario government to begin the process of establishing guidelines for dealing with environmental causes of illness (1985 Thomson Report). He had a leading role in launching the Kwinter Bill in Ontario, which enshrined patient’s freedom of choice in the Medicine Act of Ontario in 2000. He has spent decades courageously fighting to defend the right of patients to use safe and effective innovative therapies beyond the mainstream. In addition to consulting with clients, Dr. Krop is currently involved in introducing environmental medicine to the curriculum at the University of Łódź in Poland. | Facebook


Katie is an October 2008 Toronto graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. After graduating, she founded her company Healthy Hedonist and created her first product, realizing her passion for formal recipe development. She has since consulted with several companies creating hundreds of recipes with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition, always striving to make healthy food as delicious as can be. Since her first job where she worked in a large-scale production kitchen, Katie has consistently pursued her passion in food. After working in the restaurant and catering industries in Toronto and Vancouver, graduating from IHN galvanized her love of healthy eating and self-care. Today she is the Director of Nutrition and Marketing at ELXR Juice Lab where she leads product creation and marketing initiatives, currently managing the expansion of the brand’s offerings in 2017. She is always happy to mentor and share her experiences as she continues to learn and grow from each new challenge. |


Michelle is an October 2016 Vancouver campus graduate practicing in Vancouver, BC. Upon graduation, Michelle launched her private practice, Plentyfullme. She also holds a Raw Food Chef Certification from Vancouver’s Raw Foundation, Culinary Arts and Nutrition Institute. Her commitment to help others manifest change comes from her own personal transformation in life. A shift that awakened her to the healing force of natural foods and conscious living. What started as a passion has transformed into an ever-evolving life journey and professional career. Her focus is to restore balance back into her clients’ lives and coordinate the re-building of healthy relationships between food, nutrition and emotional well-being. She has dedicated her practice to creating optimal lifestyles through a whole food, plant-based approach that educates and empowers her clients’ to make lasting change. | Facebook Instagram | Pinterest


Elizabeth is an April 2010 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Elizabeth is a territory sales manager with Acropolis Organics and has her own practice, Nature’s Energy. She is a Reiki Master and a registered BioEnergetics practitioner. The focus of her practice is centered on BioEnergetics, a simple, natural, non-invasive and drug-free modality. This modality directs energy onto specific points on the body, creating natural balance known as Homeostasis, therefore alleviating suffering. Elizabeth is continually inspired by the power of food and its ability to heal the body, and promote overall wellness. Elizabeth does a lot of work shops and lunch and learns with different health food stores. You can also catch her at all health expos as she spreads the word about health. Her ultimate goal is to empower individuals to take an active role in their health and understanding that our bodies are our temples which need to be taken care of. She has always had a passion for food and an interest for health, she knew that she wanted to spend her life helping people and guiding them on the right path. | Instagram


Danielle is an April 2014 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Danielle has her own practice, Danielle Binns NutritionHer first daughter was an extremely picky eater and mealtimes were a constant stress. Today her daughter is thriving and one of the most adventurous kids at the dinner table. With her certification in Children’s Eating, Danielle knows firsthand how to transform picky eaters into healthy eaters. Her evidence-based strategies and Picky Eater Protocol” changed mealtimes forever for many families, including her own. This six-week online course comes with a 100% recommendation rate from other parents and has been called a “game changer at mealtimes”.  She is also the co-founder of the comprehensive Pediatric Nutrition and Feeding Workshop coming to Toronto this March.  She has been featured on CTV News, Breakfast Television, Mabels Labels, Real Food Mamas and other media outlets.  Today Danielle works with families around the globe who are concerned about their children’s nutrition, while also helping overwhelmed and worried moms become healthier and happier versions of themselves. Check out her latest video! | Blog | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Twitter


Maria is an October 2009 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Maria is the founder of All About YOU! Nutrition Program that designs comprehensive weight loss and wellness programs for individual adults and group clients. She promotes good health through whole food, easy to make meals, hormonal balance, healthy digestion and effective exercise. For as long as she can remember, she has always been interested in healthy eating habits and fitness. Her university training and over fifteen years work experience in leading Toronto hospitals has given her insight into a variety of illnesses often associated with poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. These facts have made her sensitive to people’s health issues. Maria believes that; each and every one of us is biochemically unique, proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and exercise support the body on its journey back to health, stress management and mind have a dominant effect on the body’s defences, and science-based practice and holistic wisdom are necessary for inspiring people to make changes in their life. | Facebook


Manon is an April 2016 Ottawa campus graduate based in Ottawa, ON. She manages her own private practice, Manon Leduc, Holistic Nutrition Consultant. In addition to her IHN training, she is certified as a Professional Cancer Coach. Nutritional and lifestyle consultations are offered in English and in French, in Ontario and in Quebec. She helps people with a variety of health issues, including nutrition for cancer. She is a strong believer in self-empowerment and is passionate about sharing information so people can improve their well-being. An experienced Counsellor, she has worked with people from 40 countries so far. Manon combines a warm personal support with professional expertise. | Facebook


Eman is an October 2016 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. She is a faculty member of IHN Ottawa, where she teaches Human Anatomy & Physiology, Nutritional Pathology and Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1. Prior to her enrolling as a student to IHN, she received her Honors Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery from Cairo University in Egypt, followed by a Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine and a Medical Doctorate Degree in Internal Medicine. She is a member of the Endocrine Society and the Royal Colleges of Physicians of UK. Prior to settling in Canada, Eman was an Instructor and Assistant Lecturer of internal medicine to medical school undergraduate students at Cairo University Medical School. Eman moved to Canada after carrying a successful medical career as an Endocrinology Consultant in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Eman strives to help people improve their health in a complementary way to her original career. Her medical education, and career, is an advantage to her nutritional consulting services. Eman is particularly passionate and interested in endocrine disorders and hormonal imbalances. 

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Aaron is an October 2003 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Nelson, BC.  Aaron works as a Food Skills Facilitator at Kootenay Kids Society, a non-profit organization that supports and educates parents to raise healthy children. This year, he is organizing a crowd sourced cookbook as a fundraiser for nutrition outreach and education for families. He is looking for IHN students and graduates to submit recipes to the cookbook. They would like fun, easy to make, healthy, family friendly foods. Please submit recipes as soon as possible to make sure your recipes are included! Proceeds from the cookbook will go towards food skills workshops for families. Contribute recipes to  Aaron also runs a practice in Nelson and will be at the Kootenay Healthy Lifestyle Expo this May, offering Iridology and Nutrition. | | Recipe Submissions


Olga is an October 2015 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Olga has her own practice, Happy Nutrition. She is also a life coach specializing in family health. Prior to her education at IHN, Olga worked in Business coaching, but soon came to realize her true passion lay in nutritional coaching, guiding others on how to achieve optimal well-being though the power of whole foods and the art of supplementation. Olga experienced firsthand the transformational power of nutrition when one of her children was diagnosed with ADHD and ASD. She did not believe that pharmaceutical drugs could possibly provide a long-term solution to the problem. Instead, she applied her knowledge of orthomolecular medicine to manage her child’s behavioral difficulties and eventually helped him overcome many of them. Inspired by the results, Olga developed a passion for giving hope to and empowering other families who are looking for natural solutions to their health problems. She is currently shifting away from her general practice and towards pediatric nutrition, with a special focus on ADHD and Autism, while maintaining the vital role of Family Health Coach. She also is involved in Corporate Wellness and does various talks on wellness across the city. | LinkedIn


Sam is an April 2014 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. She runs her own Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle company, Love Nutrition Co. She was a professional dancer for many years. The toll that this was taking on her body, began to impact her health negatively. It was at this time, Sam feels, the Universe painted her a clear picture of the path she was truly meant to take in life:  “Helping people find their own unique balance & happiness in their lives through proper nutrition”. She started healing herself slowly, fixing lifestyle choices, and working towards a more open, loving life. Doing so, lead her to understand what her body was being deprived of, and how she could find the balance that it desperately deserved. Through her practice, Sam now helps people live up their expectations of themselves by looking at what is out of balance in their lives, from: Balancing proper nutrition, identifying food sensitivities, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, clearing up acne, managing emotional stress, getting rid of any bloating, pain, or discomfort after eating, and so much more. | Twitter | Instagram


Tina is an October 2014 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Whitby, ON. She has her own practice, Tina R. Ward Nutrition, she also consults with Twist Performance & Wellness. She provides personal one-on-one consultation for a wide range of clients; from those seeking to improve health and well-being to pro and youth athletes striving to raise performance and gain a competitive edge. Tina’s approach to optimum health spans many areas including nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle counseling. She also delivers practical nutrition based seminars and workshops for sports teams, community groups and corporate wellness programs. Always motivated by continuous improvement and learning, she also completed Iridology certification in both North American and European methods as well as many other certifications including Functional Nutrition. Her passion for wholesome food, health and fitness began as a young woman which ultimately led her to pursuing her calling as a health and wellness advocate. Holistic nutrition has become much more than a career, it has become Tina’s passion and she is unequivocally devoted to educating and empowering her clients to take control of their own health. |


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