Danielle is a 2011 Mississauga campus graduate, currently living in Toronto, ON. Danielle recently starting working with Acosta, in their Natural Specialty Sales department, as a Client Development Manager. She works with natural and organic brands to help them to navigate the Canadian natural consumer market. Danielle graduated from IHN with Honours. Upon graduation Danielle started her own company called Be Good to Your Body, during this time she worked on various projects, building her brand and website. She worked as a brand ambassador, nutrition consultant and personal fitness trainer while building her website and finding her niche in the Holistic Nutrition industry. While studying, Danielle worked with Whole Food Market as a Buyer in their Whole Body department. Prior to life as an IHN graduate, Danielle worked as a Fashion Model travelling aboard to Asia, Europe and the USA. Her interest in fitness and nutrition grew as the demands of the modelling industry began to take a toll on her well being and health. Growing up, she lived with a parent with Multiple Sclerosis who began to take a holistic wellness approach to life and raising his family when she was very young. Danielle was determined to live a life of longevity. He enjoys sharing her knowledge with others through her blog and continues to keep herself healthy and fit, focusing on a balanced lifestyle as she continues modelling and working with natural and organic brands.

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Angela is a 1998 North York campus graduate, currently living, with her two kids and husband, in Waterdown, ON.  She obtained her business degree in 2004 from the University of Western Sydney, Australia. Her passion for health food, supplements and helping others fuelled her ambition to work in health food stores and eventually co-own a chain of 5 vitamin stores with her husband. Angela loves the vendor side of the business and moved away from retail in to work as a sales rep for some top vitamin brands since 2005. She worked in various areas of sales, education and also publicity. In the last few years Angela was promoted to Sales Manager East for Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions, then merged with Body Plus and moved into Central Regional Manager, where Angela had the honour of mentoring with Lorna Vanderhaeghe for 14 years. She loves working with the Progressive, Iron Vegan, and Lorna Vanderhaeghe brands. In January 2019, she was promoted to National Director of Education and is very excited to be given the opportunity. Angela’s mission is to empower people to have an extraordinary life.

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Joannah is a 2012 North York campus graduate with First Class Honours, currently living in Toronto, ON. Joannah is a consultant who focuses on prevention of chronic disease through nutritional change at organization and community levels working largely with educational institutions and not-for-profits. Before training as a nutritionist, Joannah had a successful career specializing in organizational change in the telecommunications industry. In partnership with her husband Brian Lawson, Joannah established a foundation with a mission to promote physical and mental health through an environmentally sustainable food system. A key recipient of their philanthropic focus is the Joannah and Brian Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. The Centre brings world-class talent and resources together to tackle the most important nutrition-related health issues facing children and their families in Canada and around the world. They are also lead supporters of the “Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition”, Community Food Centres Canada, and Clearwater Farms. Joannah feels honoured to collaborate with other philanthropic foundations, not-for-profits, and research institutions who are pushing the boundaries to move Canada and the world toward sustainable nutrient dense food systems that are accessible to all people.

Centre for Childhood Nutrition | Stop Marketing to Kids


Ximena is a 2017 North York campus graduate and currently lives in Toronto, ON. Ximena is the founder of Glowlistica, an online platform that helps women who struggle with their weight and relationship with food. In addition to consulting, Ximena has a Youtube channel where she shares her knowledge of health and is fluent in Spanish and English. She loves to empower women to form outstanding eating habits, by giving up diets, engraining nutrition into their everyday lifestyle without “missing out” and being comfortable with who they are. Ximena founded Glowlistica with the intention to reach women who are going through what she did – trying countless diets, using and spending fortunes on supplements and overtraining. Ximena did whatever it took to lose weight, but never got anywhere. She lived the cycle of restrictive dieting, calorie counting and “quick fixes” – quickly followed by binge eating – for 10+ years of her life. Ximena’s goal is to show women how they can GLOW everyday through a positive mindset, proper nutrition and movement, so that they don’t have to start a diet again on Monday.

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Jessica is a 2013 North York campus graduate, currently living in Toronto, ON. Her business, Jessica Morris Health (JMH), focuses on holistic nutrition and personal training. Jessica graduated from IHN with Honours, and upon graduation was hired full-time with Vega as an Educator/Speaker for Eastern Canada. There she led nutrition-based educational seminars for retailers, health expos and the community. A few years after working at Vega she decided to start her own business ‘JMH’ where her goal was to help her clients look and feel their best through fitness and nutrition. In the past 5 years Jessica has contributed to many online and media outlets like Proud FM Radio, Let’s Talk Nutrition Radio, Canadian Living Magazine, Eluxe Magazine, ALIVE magazine and has been featured in Narcity Canada, BodyRock TV, Alive & Well productions, and is currently sponsored by RYU apparel and Healthy Planet. In her practice, she builds custom meal and supplement plans for her clients as well as educates corporate offices on how to improve their eating habits and reduce common aches and pains associated with desk-jobs. Jessica is truly living her dream of helping improve the lives of others through nutrition, fitness and mindset. She is currently working on a nutrition and workout e-book!

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Heather is a 2014 North York campus graduate, currently living in Toronto, ON. She is the in-house nutritionist and Director of Operations, working alongside Dr. Meghan Walker, ND, at Entrepology Performance Labs. She is already excitedly preparing for the 2ndannual Impact Lives Event with Dr. Walker, which will take place in the fall of this year. Heather is also the Chief Marketing Officer with The Get Together – A 3 night/4 days festival that will serve as an annual platform for women identifying people to exchange knowledge, skills and passions. The inaugural event from August 8 – 11, 2019 will bring together 200 visionaries to co-create an unforgettable experience through wisdomsharing where attendees contribute to the  event in one of four ways: facilitating a workshop, a musical performance, an art project or by volunteering time. Heather is also gearing up for another abundant growing season at The Ashbridge Estate Urban farm in the east end of Toronto in partnership with Building Roots. As the farm manager, she helps to grow food and connections to support the Moss Park Community. Heather additionally conducts monthly nutrition talks at the University of Toronto’s Heart House and hosts workshops in corporate and private settings.

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Sandy is a 2014 North York campus graduate, currently living in Ajax, ON. She is the founder of her practice Stepping Stones Wellness, where she focuses on helping both men and women balance their hormones and boost their libido through a holistic lifestyle. She believes that a great sex life and intimacy makes for a great relationship. Not to mention the health benefits of frequent sex, especially as we age. Sandy is also the author of the book Let’s Talk About Sex with Sandy, as well as several other e-books. Previously, Sandy struggled with her weight and self confidence for a good portion of her life. In her 40’s she became unhappy and lost her sex drive and knew something had to change. In 2011 she underwent a massive life transformation, completely changing the way she ate and the way she approached life, balanced her hormones and got her libido back! The effect on her was so profound that she knew it was her calling to help others take their health back. Currently Sandy consults with clients, as well as hosts local events and talks in her community, conducts a weekly Facebook live show called Let’s Talk about Sex with Sandy and is a retailer of sex toys and Young Living essential oils.

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Tamara and Sarah are 2010 North York campus graduates, currently located in Toronto, ON. They are the founders of the popular Living Kitchen! Since the inception of Living Kitchen in 2011, they have been offering private chef, consulting, and meal planning services to clientele throughout Toronto, bringing nutritional support, education, and food to cancer patients and caregivers, as well as people maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Living Kitchen works with clients suffering from a myriad of health issues, including cancer, digestive disorders, diabetes, and hormonal imbalance. As well as endeavours with Living Kitchen, Sarah has experience as an author and in food photography. Tamara’s additional projects include food photography and writing, as well as hosting a cooking show! Both Sarah and Tamara’s work can be seen on the Food Network in various productions. This month, Tamara and Sarah excitedly released their first cookbook together,The Living Kitchen, published by Appetite by Random House.

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Angelina is a 2010 Mississauga campus graduate, consulting with clients in the GTA. She is the founder of her clinical practice Nutri-Life Wellness. Angelina received First Class Honours upon her IHN graduation and began consulting ever since. Angelina has been able to use her expertise to help others choose the best nutrition and supplement protocols in Toronto and the GTA for the past four and a half years. Before becoming a nutritionist, Angelina had a partnership and developed Integrated Health Center in Ottawa, Ontario. She included different modalities within her practice which included Electro Therapy Stimulation, EMI Imaging, Tuina Massage, Hotstone Therapy, Orthotic Clinician and Gait Analysis. Angelina decided it was time to open up some new doors to empower and heal more clients. She now incorporates Hair Mineral Analysis and IgG Food Intolerance Testing where she focuses on the root causes of many health ailments. She provides Nutritional protocols and recommendations to clients both young and old to either prevent or manage acute or chronic diseases. As a consultant, Angelina’s focus is to help educate clients in making nutritional and lifestyle choices for optimal health and she looks forward to walking with them on their journey to wellness.

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