Jana is a 2019 Vancouver campus honours graduate, currently practicing in Vancouver, BC. She is the store manager and in-house nutritionist at Bonvita Health. She also launched her own business, Jana Holistic Nutrition, where she works with clients one-on-one, offering nutritional coaching and personalized meal plans. She supports clients in cancer remission and those who suffer from the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. After experiencing firsthand how digestion issues, poor sleep hygiene and stress can negatively impact the body, Jana used her experience from IHN to bring her body back to health through proper nutrition and natural supplementation. Jana is passionate about holistic healthcare and spreading the knowledge of optimal health. She has partnered with natural health brands such as Four Sigmatic, Urban Juve and Living Alchemy, where she hosts events and workshops open to the public to educate about the market and wellness industry.

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Sarah is a 2016 North York campus graduate, currently living in Ajax, ON. She is in her final semester of Executive Office Administration at Durham College and completing her co-op at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition North York campus. Prior to her studies at IHN, Sarah earned her BA at Brock University in general humanities. During this time she struggled with her weight and was in search for long-term solutions. This inspired Sarah to enroll at IHN, where her passion for holistic living grew. Sarah now has two beautiful children; the first was born three days after she graduated from IHN. Two pregnancies in under two years took its toll and her health temporarily took a backseat to her other priorities. She is now working on improving herself, expanding her knowledge and hoping to open her practice, Keane on Health, in the near future. Her goal is to help others feel radiant through optimal health!

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Janice is a 2018 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Bangkok, Thailand. She manages a Muaythai facility called Mongkon Academy (MA). MA believes in the Olympic values that every body has the right to play and that physical activities should be available without discrimination. Janice’s passion for nutrition arose from being an elite Muaythai athlete and witnessing firsthand the impact nutrition has on the body and performance. She believes her nutrition education is what gave her the edge to become a seven time Muaythai champion. Janice is currently the Athletes’ Commission Chair of the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA), the sole governing body of Muaythai recognized by the International Olympic Committee. She is a key player in the organization of worldwide athlete conferences, ensuring education regarding nutrition, anti-doping, mental health, and the dangers of dehydration and weight cutting are addressed. Female empowerment also stands at the forefront of the IFMA AC’s tasks and 2019 was a historical year when Janice traveled to Saudi Arabia to conduct the first ever Muaythai seminar for women, using the power of sport to spread gender equality in societies where this right is limited.

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Jass is a 2018 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Kelowna, BC. She is the founder of Nourish with Jass, a private practice where she specializes in gut health and candidiasis for women. Jass uses holistic principles to help her clients regain their confidence and heal their digestion, with support along the way. She creates meal plans for clients and has eBooks she authored available on her website, such as ‘Digestive Nourishment,’ created to help others heal their digestive imbalances. Jass developed her own tea blend, l e a v e s, which sold out within a week of launching in fall 2019. This organic blend of herbs aids digestion and reduces bloat. Jass works with trusted brands to help spread the word on natural living and alternative medicine.

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Trevor is a 2011 North York campus graduate, currently working in Markham, ON. In 2013, he purchased Rawlicious in Markham, a plant-based restaurant chain, with all items being 90% raw, gluten- and sugar-free. All the menu items are made from scratch at the restaurant to ensure the food is the freshest and most nutrient dense that it can be. For almost six years, Trevor and his wife, Susie – who is also a CNP, have enjoyed caring for their patrons, which includes many other nutritionists from various backgrounds across North America, in addition to people seeking healthy food options to help in their journey back to wellness. In the near future, Trevor and Susie will be embarking on a journey to fulfill a dream they have shared for many years – establishing a retreat catering to wellness through nutrition, yoga and meditation, as well as offering nature/bush walking and surfing.

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Maria is a 2010 North York campus honours graduate, currently living in Elora, ON. She is the founder of Anam Cara Wellness Elora, where she provides nutritional counselling and many other holistic treatments and therapies. Her business is about providing exceptional quality holistic care and nurturing for her clients, in honouring where they are on their journey to balanced health. From analyzing her clients nutritional and supplemental needs, to determining what type of bodywork might complement their healing, she revels in coming up with a protocol that feels like alchemy at its best. Organic and therapeutic-grade essential oils are a cornerstone of her practice, and without these, she does not feel she could produce the high level of results in transforming the energetic frequencies and helping to bring about health and balance for her clients. Maria welcomes new clients to her treatment space, and is excited to continue to offer exclusive monthly promotions in 2020, as well as amazing first-time client specials for 1-hour treatments. In summer 2020, she will be opening a small chalet for AirBnB clients on her property; this is an exciting upcoming addition to Anam Cara Wellness‘ offerings!

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Michelle is a 2018 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of Walnut Kitchen, a destination for those looking to optimize their health, vitality and longevity. Her mantra and ‘recipe for success’ for a nurturing self-care program boils down to 3 pillars: nourish your body, fuel your passion and feed your soul. Her mission is to empower women aged 40+ to live well and age better, starting with food. Through her cooking classes, gardening workshops and group nutrition programs, her goal is to help women to be physically strong, emotionally grounded and spiritually fulfilled. Michelle is a former broadcast executive and producer for CBC, NBC News, HGTV and Food Network. After over 25 years overseeing thousands of hours of television, she followed her lifelong passion for healthy eating to become a CNP. There are only a few spots left, but there is still time to sign up for her next cooking class “Mouth-watering Meatless Mains”, so check out her events page. To keep up to date on what’s cooking in the Walnut Kitchen, you can subscribe, like and follow her on her website and social platforms.

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Laura is a 2017 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of the online nutrition program, Go with Your Gut, where she focuses in those who struggle with IBS and various digestive disorders. Having suffered for more than a decade with IBS herself, Laura understands the complexity of digestive healing. She is the co-creator of two organic digestive teaa, including her signature Go with Your Gut Digestive Cleanse tea, as well as her newly launched Honey Pre-biotic Elixir. She recently launched her own line of wellness journals called ‘Shift Happens’.  Prior to launching her wellness teas, Laura was the in-house nutritionist for Calii Love and Greeniche Natural Health supplements, in addition to being the wellness brand ambassador with HYBA women’s wear.  Laura is a regular on-air expert on CP24 and Global TV. Listen to her every Thursday on Global AM 640 between 2:00pm to 2:30pm, as she shares her expertise on health, wellness and nutrition.

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Karen is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Upon graduation, she wanted to immediately put her certificate to practical use by becoming a Nutritional Consultant and developing her own practice through her consulting and personal training clients in the sustainable weight loss niche. Karen moved into the health and beauty realm as a Wholesale Account Executive, helping a local Toronto natural skin care organization grow their national footprint. Her tenure into the retail environment from 2016-2018 lead to extensive knowledge in retail buying, in-store activations, in-store demos, product education, developing relationships with retailers, distributors, brokers and purchasers/buyers internationally. This was a perfect segue into her next position as National Sales Manager with a Canadian sports nutrition company. This entailed liaising with brokers, distributors and retailers managing activations, hiring and training brand ambassadors, conducting training sessions for retailers and managing both trade and consumer show staff and many aspects of running a national natural health brand. Having accumulated a vast array of knowledge Karen has ventured into her current position as Director of Business Development with a national natural health media agency. Her role includes hiring and managing the sales, social media and content creation teams. This encompasses creating an evolving infrastructure, automating processes, managing logistics and educating and managing the influencer community and developing culture within the organization.

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