Denis Dharmoo is an April 2011 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Brampton, ON. Denis is currently an Account Manager for Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) in GTA West and Southwestern Ontario. AOR is a Canadian-based company with an established reputation as a leader in developing advanced, innovative, and research based supplements. Denis is a graduate of Concordia University where he earned his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic Therapy. Denis worked for several years evaluating and treating individual with musculoskeletal dysfunctions. In his quest to help individuals lead pain free and active lives he switched his focus to retail and wholesale; he would recommend and educate individuals on the benefits and usage of a wide variety of home health care and therapeutic devices. Over the years Denis developed an interest in nutrition and the usage of food and nutritional supplementation in achieving optimal health. He later started his company Integrated Nutritional Fitness (InFit) with a focus on teaching individuals how to integrate proper nutrition and exercise into their lifestyle. |


Katie Christie is an April 2017 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Katie is the founder of Soul Feast Katie, where she works with clients one-on-one or in small groups at healing retreat programs to uplift their health, energy and beauty. She incorporates holistic nutrition coaching, cooking classes, Reiki energy healing, guided meditation and spiritual counselling to support her clients. Katie has travelled the world and visited many spiritual retreat centres to bring clients a holistic experience, encompassing many traditions. Her work extends into supporting the community, which englobes farmers’ markets and green conscious businesses. She encourages clients to make conscious choices aligned with their vision for themselves and the planet. Katie has helped create Organic restaurants, providing the support and recipes necessary to kick-start these ventures. Her delicious creations will be featured at Krave Juice opening soon in Toronto. | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


Shaunna Leinster is an April 2013 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Oakville, ON. Shaunna is the founder of nourish by design, a holistic meal prep service, in affiliation with Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre. She specializes in cooking for weight loss and weight gain, cancer, Crohn’s, IBS, candida, Metabolic Balance, allergies and intolerances, and much more! Her services include Holistic Meal Prep, Hands-on Cooking Workshops, Catering and Corporate Lunches. She takes pride in offering meals designed specifically for the individual client and their health needs and/or goals, delivering new menus every week. Shaunna says, “We all have, or have had, clients who leave our office and go home confused about how to eat for the protocol they were just given.” It may be that it’s too hard or just too confusing! That’s where she comes in. Shaunna takes the pain and guess work out of your client’s new lifestyle change by providing the proper meals for them, according to your protocol. Shaunna was also a top 50 finalist on Masterchef Canada, Season 2! | Facebook |


Kelly Agnew will be an October 2017 Ottawa campus graduate practicing in Ottawa, ON. Kelly is the founder of Kelly Maia Nutrition – an online website and blog where she aims to educate and inspire women on their journey to healthy living. She started her career in the corporate world with a marketing degree, but after burning out twice in the past five years, she has learned the importance of slowing down and supporting the body with a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle. Her adrenal fatigue has inspired her to work with women like her; those living a hectic and busy lifestyle. She is also passionate about teaching and helping women with self-care, balancing hormones and fertility support. Kelly has written a number of articles for various websites and online publications including Holl & Lane magazine, The Hearty Soul, Best Kept Self, Chelsea Krost blog and Life Goals Mag. Upon graduation, Kelly hopes to continue inspiring women around the world by offering consulting services and online programs through Kelly Maia Nutrition. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn


Candace Bell is an April 2012 Mississauga campus honours-graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. With her own practice, Holistic as Heck, Candace is a visual artist and nutritionist who wants to show the world what a dramatic impact diet and lifestyle can have on overall health, both mental and physical. With a big focus on digestive wellness, Candace demonstrates that how you eat can be just as important as what you eat. She teaches the Holistic Food Preparation course for IHN, as well as both private and public cooking classes and workshops, specializing in fermentation and alternative diets. Candace’s approach is education-based, and she loves getting people excited about reclaiming their personal power and creating total wellness. She specializes in delicious concoctions, self-empowering re-education, encouraging creativity, a noisy enthusiasm for eating, giggly times, and cheesy rhymes. Candace’s public classes and workshops are on hold for the summer, but will be back in the fall. The kombucha workshop is returning in September! | Instagram | Facebook


Allanah Canal is an April 2012 Mississauga campus graduate practicing from Brampton, ON. Allanah is the founder of Tropho (a prefix from the Greek language meaning “to nourish”), where she inspires individuals to make healthier decisions through articles, recipes and products. In her younger years Allanah experienced challenges with skin sensitivities, allergies, and hormonal imbalance, which resulted in her having limited options when it came to using body care products. After realizing that many other individuals had the same experience, she was inspired her to publicly launch her bath and body care line, Dermis by Tropho, which features soaps, scrubs, bath bombs, salts, and body butter all free of artificial ingredients, parabens, triclosan, SLS, etc. After earning her CNP designation, she graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, becoming a Culinary Nutrition Expert. Allanah is currently involved in post graduate studies in Herbal Medicine and works alongside Susan Elliotson RH as a formulation and cultivation assistant. Additional to these endeavors, Allanah has also been working as part of IHN Administration team since her graduation. She currently works in the role of Academic Advisor at the Mississauga Campus. | Facebook | Instagram


Brett Hawes is an October 2006 Toronto first-class graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Brett is a long-standing IHN faculty member and has run his successful private practice, Brett Hawes, for over a decade; with holistic nutrition, functional medicine and clinical iridology being the cornerstones. Specialties include chronic and complex GI issues and autoimmune disorders. More recently he has founded Holistic Health Masterclass – an online course platform geared toward empowering practitioners and helping them achieve clinical success through business and health-related programs. Brett and Holistic Health Masterclass will be hosting a FREE “5-Day Practitioner Empowerment Boot-camp” which kicks off July 31st, 2017. You will learn some of the exact same tools & strategies that Brett has used to develop his own practice; but has also successfully taught to other practitioners via his flagship program – “Mastering the Art of the Solo Practitioner”. The boot-camp itself is a series of video trainings, worksheets, guides and downloads that will show you how to: get clear on what type of practice you really, what business models work, how to enroll more clients, how to be more efficient and productive, and how to put it all together.


Yvette Nagy is an October 2007 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Oakville, ON. Yvette has recently launched her own practice, A Healthy Me, where she offers corporate and public speaking and online workshops and programs. Yvette aims to educate and support individuals and their families with information that she takes to heart for the health and wellbeing of her own family. She shares wellness articles and her own blog “A Healthy Lunchbox” which is all about making lunchtime fun, healthy and yummy! Yvette is hosting nutrition, wellness and fitness workshops and events as a Corporate Wellness Speaker with GoodLife Workplace Wellness in the GTA, and is a member of PURIUM. PURIUM is a lifestyle company that formulates and manufactures organic, non-GMO products based on the tradition of Naturopathics on the premise that our bodies are self-healing if given the right tools. She has $50 gift cards for anyone who wants to try out PURIUM products and systems. Yvette’s biggest accomplishment is being a mom to two wonderful daughters. The health, love and wellbeing of her family is her top priority and what inspired her to develop A Healthy Me and A Healthy Lunchbox blog. | Facebook | Instagram


Meha Sethi is an April 2016 Toronto campus graduate practicing in Toronto, ON. Meha has recently launched her eCommerce site, KindBird Beauty, where she offers non-toxic, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty and lifestyle products. KindBird Beauty was born out of Meha’s love for everything beauty and skin care combined with her desire to prioritize her health in every area of her life. Meha believes that every woman should be able to look and feel beautiful, play with makeup, paint their nails and have silky smooth skin without the compromise. No compromise of their health with toxic ingredients, no compromise of the environment with non-biodegradable products, no compromise of the animals used to test products on. Meha is currently still holding her “9 – 5” position with Loblaws as a Health and Wellness Marketing Specialist, but hopes that within the next year, she will be able to go full-time with Kindbird and launch her own line of green beauty products after getting a thorough understanding of what products are missing in the market. She would love to invite fellow nutritionists and their network to check out her site, shop around, give feedback and potentially collaborate with ones that are interested in growing a business in the same industry. “Always non-toxic, sustainable and cruelty-free. It’s beauty without compromise.” | Instagram | LinkedIn


Sarah Millard is an October 2014 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Etobicoke, ON. Sarah is the owner and operator of Aquapure Colonics and Natural Nutrition. She has spent the last 14 years as a PSW supporting clients with multiple special needs. Since her graduation from IHN, it has been Sarah’s goal to open a wheelchair accessible clinic and allow her to continue her passion for caring for those with complex health objectives. She has made that dream come true with her current practice! Accessible to tens of thousands of daily commuters, Aquapure operates in partnership with the prestigious Avalon Fitness facility. By employing principals of optimal health through inspired healing, Sarah fosters nutritional awareness for healthy digestion through client education and colon hydrotherapy. She uses the most modern open system, (The Angel of Water) facilitating a safe and private session. In addition to her daily practice, Sarah employs a range of modalities in support of a growing number of clients with various health challenges through meditation classes, yoga instruction, energy healing and Ayurvedic medicine practices. | Facebook | Twitter


Hannah Moore is an April 2014 Mississauga campus graduate practicing in Southwestern, ON. Hannah is currently the director of nutritional therapy and chef at a private residential recovery and wellness centre near Alliston. The goal of the centre is to focus on nurturing the brain and body back to optimal health. This is achieved by holistically treating residents using, paleo-organic meals, supplementation, exercise, in class learning, and personalized coaching. She is also working in Orangeville at Better Health Clinic where she offers nutritional counselling. Hannah discovered her love of food and nutrition working in the restaurant industry. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with all aspects of food, from creating meal plans, presenting it, purchasing it, knowing what it does to our bodies, understanding the environmental aspect of it, understanding what our bodies require, and cooking it. In these roles accompanied with her diploma in Holistic Nutrition she is ready to help all ages achieve their health goals and teach simple understanding of holistic nutrition. | | Facebook |


Jill Tryansky is an April 2011 Toronto campus graduate working in Toronto, ON. Jill is currently working as a project manager for the cosmetic company, Cosmetica Labratories Inc. Jill has worked in marketing in the food industry at well-known companies such as Neal Brothers Foods, a better for you snack food company and health food distributor. In her early 20’s Jill struggled with several health issues including a bout of shingles, skin rashes, anxiety and depression. After a year of being heavily medicated, she then decided to better educate herself on the effects nutrition has on impacting overall health and how to use food as a tool for healing. She enrolled in the program at IHN which forever changed her relationship with food and nutrition. Jill maintains her healthy lifestyle and continues to enjoy educating others on the power of nutrition. She is a writer, health speaker, educator, foodie and artist. | LinkedIn


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