Taylor is a 2014 North York campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. Taylor and her business partner began Brain Food Product, which creates experiential dining events to bring people closer to the food on their plate and the story around it. She also currently works as one of the chefs for the National Ballet of Canada. Taylor has always been connected to food. The culinary school at George Brown IHN’s in-depth program has allowed her to accrue the skillsets to share her passion of healthy food and nutrition to others in an intentional way. Taylor is also the co-producer of an amazing festival outside of Kitchener, ON called The Get Together. This festival brings together hundreds of amazing women to share their knowledge, skills and passions. Through wisdom sharing workshops, epic dining, experiencing nature, woodland dance parties, phenomenal keynote speakers, musicians and artists… we get together.

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Jill is a 2003 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. Working as a practitioner since graduating IHN, Jill maintains a thriving private practice as well as being part of the integrative health team at P3 Health Clinic in Toronto, ON. A passionate promoter of health education for her clients, Jill continues to expand her knowledge by attending conferences and learning from other practitioners. Jill will be presenting a talk titled ‘Enhancing Clinical Outcomes for Blood Sugar Management: A Holistic Approach’ at the Innovations in Functional Endocrinology Conference in North York by the Smith Learning Network on September 7, 2019. This is a practitioner-focused conference that provides a great opportunity for learning and networking close to home! For registration information, please see the Smith Learning Network link below.

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Sandra is a 2011 North York campus graduate, currently working in Toronto, ON. She is a business coach, successfully coaching numerous clients under her own name for the past 7 years. After 15 years of working for two Fortune 10 companies in Canada (managing 50 and 100 million-dollar projects) she was on track to achieving tremendous corporate success in her professional career, when a change of fate and personal crisis forced her to reconsider her life’s path. After making the difficult decision to leave the corporate world, Sandra found herself exploring nutrition, professional coaching and the dynamics of the human psyche. Today she is certified in multiple modalities of human performance, which translates to a unique and exceptional understanding of people, from executives at the highest level to the entrepreneurs that are just getting started in business. This fall Sandra is excited to launch her Business Development Mastermind for a select few heart-centered, inspiring women who are ready to make a change and build the business of their dreams. She created this mastermind to support powerful women to make a change, build a sustainable business, make money, and make an impact in the world doing something they love. Get in touch with Sandra for more details!

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Alexandra is a 2004 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto and Mississauga, ON. Immediately after graduating the program at IHN, Alexandra continued her love of holistic health by pursuing a degree in Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is an integrative naturopathic doctor with a focus on pediatrics and hormones/fertility/women’s health. She owns and practices at two clinics, the Hillcrest Centre for Health (in Toronto) and Clarkson Family Naturopathic (in Mississauga). For several years Alexandra has also been an instructor with IHN. She loves teaching and considers herself lucky to be surrounded and inspired by her students in both in her continuing education course, ‘Pregnancy and Early Childhood Nutrition’, as well as in ‘Nutrition through the Lifespan’. She is offering all IHN students, alumni and staff an Adrenal IV Summer Special at her Hillcrest practice location!

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Carley is a 2017 North York campus graduate currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She is a holistic nutritionist and wellness educator with a focus on CBD and medical cannabis. She believes that health involves more than just nutritious food and supplements, such as mindfulness, connection with nature, community and a toxic-free lifestyle. Her goal is to educate and empower those to live a happy, balanced and abundant life. Carley uses her knowledge to partner with brands to create healthy messaging regarding mental health and overcoming stress and anxiety naturally. She hosts a number of sold-out workshops throughout the city, discussing a number of topics such as the benefits of CBD and stress-reducing herbs. She has collaborated with companies such as Tokyo Smoke, Tweed, Birch and Fog, and many more. She has also been featured in publications such as the Toronto star, Vista Mag Canada and Blog T.O. Carley has a fascination and love for herbal medicine and is planning on furthering her education as a clinical herbalist this fall.

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