Farida Visram is the founder of Pathways Nutrition, where she offers online nutrition consultations and Nutrigenomix genetic testing to support blood sugar balance, immune, digestive and cardiovascular health, as well as low energy and sleep. Focusing on each of her client’s unique constitution, she educates, and encourage them to make conscious and meaningful choices that support their health.

Rita Savoia practices as a holistic wellness and nutrition coach and workplace wellness consultant through her company Savoia Self-Care. Utilizing breathwork and her 6 Pillars of Self-Care, Rita leads her clients to thrive at their highest vibrating life by removing the interferences the are stopping their body’s innate intelligence to self-heal, promoting healing in the body, emotional release, and spiritual renewal.

Barbara Andrews was the in-house nutritionist at StoneTree Naturopathic for 7 years prior to Covid-19. Wanting to bring her community together during this period of disconnect, she founded Barb’s Dinner Club. Cooking 3 course vegan/vegetarian meals for small groups in Toronto, Barbara creates unity through community dinners with additional activities to strengthen and form new healthy relationships.

Laura Gutierrez is the founder of The Health Sprout, where she reduces her clients’ stress and anxiety, while optimizing their mood and cognition, through holistic nutrition, lifestyle practices, and her background as a mindfulness facilitator. Laura has a 12 week one-on-one Ease Your Anxiety program, an 8 Week Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program, and runs wellness workshops for companies.

Bernadette Celemnts is an Account Manager for AquaOmega, a company that makes high quality Omega-3 supplements for the whole family. Bernadette trains staff members of AquaOmega retailers, in-person and through webinars, on the benefits of fish oil, and on the advantages of choosing AquaOmega products. She is also responsible for sales and marketing for the AquaOmega product line.

Jordana Levine empowers busy, burnt-out professionals get excited about food through her company, Rooted by Jordana. Expressed through private consulting programs, corporate workshops and seminars, and energy healing sessions, Jordana uses nutrition protocols, recipes, cooking sessions, and remote reiki to bring her clients to a place where they can feel confident in the decisions they make for their health.