Meghan is a 2007 North York campus graduate, currently working from Toronto, ON. She is the bestselling author of “UnDiet” and “The UnDiet Cookbook. Meghan is also the founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Meghan has graduated over 1,800 students in 58 countries through her academy, which includes many fellow IHN alumni looking to deepen their skills in the kitchen. In addition to training Culinary Nutrition Experts, Meghan now has over 300 Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructors teaching live culinary nutrition classes around the world. All of this began in 2008 with her 6-person cooking class in downtown Toronto. Meghan has been ranked as one of the top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada by PROFIT magazine, has been featured in Forbes, and won Gold in the Taste Canada Award for her cookbook. Meghan and her husband, fellow IHN alumni Josh Gitalis (yes, they met in class) have a two-year old son Finley. They recently teamed up to launch the Today Is The Day Podcast available on your favourite podcast app. Registration is now open for 11th term of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program!

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Heather is a 2014 North York campus graduate, practicing in Toronto, ON. She currently practices at Entrepology Performance Labs with a clinical focus on optimizing the health and performance of doers and go-getters. In addition to her clinical practice, Heather hosts corporate wellness seminars and facilitates monthly ‘Food for Thought’ sessions at the University of Toronto. When she’s not in clinic or hosting seminars, you can find her managing an urban farm with Building Roots, a local organization focused on growing food to support under-serviced communities within Toronto. Heather is also a co-producer of The Get Together, a 3- night, 4-day festival taking place just outside of Toronto from August 8-11, 2019. This festival will bring together women from a variety of lived experiences to celebrate what it means to be a woman in the world today. It will be filled with intensive workshops, nature hikes, panel discussions, music and art performances, and so much more! It also provides women with a platform to share their own unique gifts through a concept of wisdom sharing. To learn more and get tickets, visit The Get Together website.

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Angela is a 2018 North York campus graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. For the past 25 years, she worked in her own practice as a kinesiologist in Bancroft and Toronto. She specialized her practice by working with clients who had multiple autoimmune disorders affecting their daily functional movement and balance. Angela added training in yoga and holistic nutrition over the past few years to help her clients maintain their quality of life as best as they can. Together with her team, Angela is now turning her focus to growing First Line Education Inc., a Toronto based continuing education company for movement therapists. The First Line group teaches one and two day weekend courses in Toronto for movement therapists in their first three to five years of practice. Over the years of working with many students and practitioners Angela realized that new practitioners often needed practical help and mentorship to integrate their many skills. Her company helps movement therapists of all stripes become confident with bridging the gap between research, theory and practice. In 2019, Angela is reintroducing First Line with new instructors, a greater range of courses and support, and online live and recorded course options. Her goal is to help movement therapists find their ideal clients, reduce their daily practice overwhelm, and get better paid for the work that they love!

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AK (Ann-Kathrin) is a 2017 Vancouver campus graduate, currently practicing in North Vancouver, BC. She is the founder her own practice, AK Schreiber Wellness, where she provides nutritional consultations and workshops, as well as hair and makeup artistry. Within her practice, she encompasses nature through earth friendly alternatives for clients and education in holistic living, with a focus in sustainability and personal intuition. In addition to her own practice, AK is also the assistant manager at The Bluhouse Eatery Kitchen in North Vancouver. Through working with Bluhouse, she extended her adoration for vegan and vegetarian cooking, adding to the menu mindful, deliberate food choices based on science, and putting love into what they prepare. AK hopes that Bluhouse Cafe and Eatery can help people make more Earth loving choices.

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Tonya is a 2016 North York campus graduate, currently living in Toronto, ON. She is the founder of The Well Woman, a wellness platform to educate and inspire holistic living, healing and longevity. Tonya is also the founder of Rainbo, a sustainable mushroom company offering medicinal foods and supplements to elevate body, mind and spirit. Tonya’s passion for medicinal mushrooms runs deep and is what inspired her to start Rainbo – which launched in May! All mushrooms used are grown sustainably in Canada. After her IHN graduation, Tonya went to Venice, California to study raw food cuisine at Matthew Kenney Culinary. It was in 2017 when Tonya launched The Well Woman, and continues to grow this community. She also has a client practice, is a speaker, recipe developer and hosts wellness retreats in sacred parts of the world like Peru, and has an upcoming retreat in Bali in March 2020. Tonya works with clients around the world and has been featured in Vogue, Jenni Kayne, CAP Beauty, Healthy-ish and has worked with Ryerson University, Nike, iQ Foods, Idea Couture, Nota Bene Restaurant, The Drake Hotel, nutbar, GAP, East Room and Free Space. When she is not working and enhancing her knowledge in natural health, you can find her in a forest foraging mushrooms, meditating or practicing kundalini yoga.

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Ciara is a 2006 North York campus, first class honours graduate, currently practicing in Toronto, ON. She coaches clients, in both nutrition and business mentorship, globally online. Ciara is the founder of her practice, Ciara Foy Nutrition, where she focuses in providing busy individuals the help they need to get healthy and achieve their goals. Prior to life as a nutritionist, Ciara was a Bay Street Legal Professional. She has owned and operated two full service weight loss clinics and under her personal brand built a multi-six figure practice, empowering high-achieving women to balance their hormones and reverse burnout by taking impeccable care of themselves so they can maintain the energy, motivation and passion it takes to go after their dreams. Driven by her mission to see more women make it to the top, she recently released her best-selling book “Empowered By Food – Heal Your Hormones, Balance Stress, and Become Unstoppable.” Ciara is currently accepting applications for her nutrition mentorship program for a small group of nutritionists, which starts August 1, 2019. For applications and information, please email her team!

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Jason is a 2017 Vancouver campus, first class honours graduate and valedictorian, currently practicing in Vancouver, BC. He is the founder of The Holistic Gangster, his clinical practice where he focuses in educating and supporting men in becoming the best versions of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through one-on-one coaching, public speaking, and the Holistic Gangster Podcast. The podcast is all about how to maximize our human potential through interview style conversations. Since launching last year, Jason’s podcast continues to grow in its following and is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Apple Podcasts! After 10 years in corporate management positions that left him in suboptimal health and unfulfilled, Jason attended IHN to find alignment in mind, body and spirit and heal from Crohn’s disease. This transformative experience sparked a desire for helping others and a return to the corporate environment that made him sick was no longer an option. Today, Jason’s curiosity for human potential and drive for self-exploration is the inspiration behind the work he does as The Holistic Gangster.

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Sarah is a 2007 North York campus graduate, currently practicing outside of Toronto, ON. She is the founder of My New Roots, a place for her to share the edible inspirations from her playtime in the kitchen, and deep love for whole foods. She is the author of two cookbooks, “My New Roots” and “Naturally Nourished,” both of which are published globally in ten languages. She develops original recipes for print and online publications, writes articles on healthy cooking and hosts cooking and nutrition workshops. Her biggest passion project however, are her wellness retreatsthat attract women from all over the world to come together and learn how to cook, practice yoga and meditation, and reconnect to their own life purpose. This summer, Sarah will be a keynote speaker on the topic of ‘Keeping the Channels Open: Cleansing for Every Body at The Get Together’, a 4-day 3-night camping festival for those who identify as women. Visit her websites to find out more about Sarah and her myriad of exciting projects!

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Marjan is a 2016 Mississauga campus graduate, currently practicing in Guelph ON. She is the founder of Healthy by Marjan, an on-line nutritional consulting practice and health and lifestyle blog. Marjan works individually with clients through video calls from anywhere in the world, working with them over the course of a 10 week program, to help support mood balance, focus, energy and overall a better relationship with food. If you follow Marjan on social media or her blog, you know she has a healthy obsession with blood sugar management, healthy fats, and avocados. Prior to becoming a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Marjan worked as a supervisor for children and youth programming at the YMCA/YWCA in Guelph. Although one of her true and original passions is working with children to enhance their behavioural development, holistic nutrition provides her the opportunity to continue working with parents, families and children in an even broader capacity. Marjan is also regularly invited to speak at corporate wellness events, health and nutrition panel discussions, and podcasts, where she helps people understand that health does not have to be complicated, and food and nutrition are truly medicine when used properly.

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Colleen is a 2013 North York campus graduate, currently living in Brampton, ON. She is the Head Administrator at IHN’s Mississauga campus. Prior to her studies and career in nutrition, Colleen graduated from George Brown’s Chef Training program and worked as a chef in the hospitality industry for over a decade. Colleen worked internationally to develop her culinary skills and spent a great deal of time in both Canada and Australia. She was inspired to continue her education at IHN after working with food for many years and having the desire to take her education to the next level. Soon after graduating, she became the Mississauga campus Head Administrator. She continues to learn through IHN’s continuing education courses, having completed six of them to date. Colleen’s most recent interest in herbal medicine has led her to additional post graduate study. This summer she is excited to take onHerbal Pharmacy Level 1—this course, taught by IHN Con Ed faculty member and long standing revered Co-op partner, Medical Herbalist Susan Elliotson. It is an informative and practical course to enhance your knowledge and experience in the preparations of various herbal medicines in powerful forms like tinctures and teas.

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